Friday, September 26, 2008

The Cat's Out of the Guest Room!

Hi All!

Well, after getting everything done yesterday for class I headed off. When I got home I found Hubby on the couch watching football with Skor curled up next to him. Miss Cleo was in her normal spot on the floor eyeballing the youngster once in a while.

What a lovely scene!

Yes, Skor has proved that he knows what the litter box is for and has been released from his isolation. He was still put in "his room" for the night so we didn't have to worry about how Miss Cleo would interact with him but, he is roaming today. He was even out for the hour I walked - he was alone with Miss Cleo! And she didn't eat him or kill him! Major victory!

In fact, when I came in the door, he walked up to Miss Cleo and she sniffed him instead of hissing. She hissed later but, hey! It is a learning process!

In case you forgot how adorable Skor is . . . here are some photos I managed to take yesterday.

Here he is sniffing Miss Cleo under the door. Right in the corner the crack is a bit larger so he likes sniffing there. Check out the fluffy tail!Skor knows how to charm the ladies even at his young age - look at that wink!See Mom - his back is much whiter than Q-Tip's was. After a while, Skor decided to start posing for me. How adorable is he?I know that this picture is fuzzy but check out the ear hair on this little guy! Wow! It is really cute!

Okay - enough about my adorable, fuzzy eared little boy!

ASL class last night was fine and - I had a revelation! SHE actually thinks that she is kidding around with me! I figured that out last night after she pushed me - it was sort of like a pat on the back with a hefty shove thrown in. She didn't do that to anyone else and I really think that she thinks she is joking with me.

She obviously doesn't pick up on social cues too well. If she did - she would know that I REALLY don't like to be pushed!

It will be interesting to see where this leads.


Voice update: My voice is doing well. I massaged like a woman crazed at each stop light on the way to lab and on the way to class. I only got a few odd looks. Most people were too busy talking on their cell phones to care!

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noble pig said...

I think she's probably just PSYCHO!