Monday, September 8, 2008

Bobby Knight and Skor!

Hi All!

Well, Hubby and I are home safe and sound! I was rather anxious about the trip this time for some reason and, luckily, both ways, the trip was actually pretty easy! We didn't have long layovers to wait through and the actual flights went by quickly. Yeah!

We both enjoyed out time up north visiting with family and friends. I will admit that there are some friends that I didn't get to visit this trip - there just wasn't time! I hate it when that happens because then they always are disappointed that they didn't get to see us! Oh well!

Hubby did have a celebrity (of sorts) sighting on the first leg of our return flight. Sitting in the front row of our SouthWest flight was . . . Bobby Knight! The pilot was chatting with him as we walked by and, frankly, I wouldn't have recognized him if he was throwing chairs around! Hubby was impressed though. We didn't talk to Bobby (Hubby said "Hi!" but Bobby didn't respond.) but it was sort of neat to have him on the same plane. Hubby did wonder why he was going SouthWest though and not some other airline with first class seats.

Our little girl, Miss Cleo was glad to see us. She was VERY vocal yesterday wanting us to pet her and play with her (even though she doesn't really play!) and to pay attention to her! She slept with me last night. How sweet. She is a great little girl!

Speaking of sweet little kitties . . . Jay and I got the word yesterday that we are going to be the proud parents of a sweet little Ragamuffin boy, Skor! Isn't he a cutie?

When we first saw pictures of him his coloring was much lighter and, with age, it has gotten darker. We think he is really cute and noticed that he looks a bit like our angel, Q-Tip.

We are not really sure when we will actually be getting Skor as he is currently in Kentucky and will be couriered to us (can you believe it???). So - stayed tuned for Skor updates.

Oh - about the name. He was named Heath by the breeder but I am not able to say words starting with H very reliably so we had to change the name. Skor is the same thing as a Heath bar but by Hershey so . . . Skor. I think it is cute but my friend, Joan, doesn't think it is cute enough.

What do you think?


Voice Update: My voice is pretty good today. I was a good girl and did my exercises prior to meeting C to walk and I have been doing some massage for the past two days. I haven't been doing exercises while writing this (rats! I forgot!) but I assure you that I will get on them ASAP! I still don't really feel like talking too much but . . . what are you going to do?


noble pig said...

Ha! I don't even know who Bobby Knight is! I guess I'm lame!

Chris H said...

I a not a cat person... but he his cute... Skor is a neat name, totally different.

Anonymous said...

I know Bobby Knight's reputation. I'm glad he wasn't throwing chairs on the plane!

The cats look beautiful.

KitchenKiki said...

I once did a show that had a line that said, "I want to jack-slap the smile off that Bobby Knight's face" that is how I will always think of him.

I like the name Skor. It sounds like he's a big tough kitty.