Friday, August 1, 2008

An Award, Rain, and Hubby

Hi All!

Coffee Bean was such a sweetheart and gave me this award. It says "You are the sun on my rainy day, thank U."

Thanks Coffee Bean!

Like normal, I am just in from walking with C and Mrs. N. It was very muggy out today - it rained yesterday (I know! Twice in one week!) and so it was humid and then it was trying to rain the entire time we walked. We were treated to some really neat lightning and thunder shows.

By the middle of our walk we were hoping it would rain on us to cool us off. There was NO breeze today and that makes for a very, very sweaty walk. Of course C never really sweats (!!!) and Mrs. N only sweats a bit. Then, there I am sweating my way through my shirt by the time I get home. Nice!

My lunch yesterday at the Magnolia Cafe was very nice. The food was great and the desserts . . . wow! They were amazing! My only "beef" with the place is that it was rather noisy and that isn't too good for those of us with SD. I managed okay though. There were a few times I had to repeat myself and I think my friend did a bit of lip reading but hey - that is what you get with an SD friend!

Hubby came home last night. He had been at a conference for his work since Monday. I was looking forward to his return because, let's face it, I love the guy! Then, he came in. The first words out of his mouth were "Did you drive my car?"

Well, duh! He took my car to the conference and I am not a hermit so . . .

Anyway. The next thing out of his mouth - "Did you park it THAT way?"

Again - duh! I certainly didn't have the valet park it!

The "conversation" continued:
Hubby: "Did you notice how close you are to the cardboard boxes?"
Me: (crickets)
Hubby: "Cardboard can be unforgiving you know."
Me: (louder crickets)
Hubby: "You always complain about the way I park and then you park like THAT?"
Me: (silent stare)
Hubby: "I mean, you had the whole garage!"
Me: "You wanted me to park in the middle of the garage when I knew you were coming home today and would need to put my car away?"
Hubby: "I am just saying . . ."
Me: (silently waiting to hear what he was "just saying.")
Hubby: "You have to be careful when parking my car. I am always careful when I park YOUR car. If I park it wrong, you let me know! Cars can be damaged by cardboard you know. . . "
Me: (grabbing car keys and storming out to the garage to pull the car out of the garage and to leave it in the center of the driveway)
Hubby: (when I was on my way into the house again) "You heard that when you got in, didn't you? I told you that you were too close . . .(rest of sentence lost due to me entering house and throwing keys across room).
Me: (going up to our bonus room to avoid any more conversation)
Hubby: "Did I say something to upset you?"
Me: (crickets again)

Just what was he thinking?

We did eventually talk this out again and I tried to tell him that there might be a different way to greet me after he has been gone all week than with a passive aggressive conversation. He doesn't think he IS passive aggressive. Yeah, right.

He is lucky I love him so much or . . . "One day Alice, POW! Right to the moon!"


Voice Update: Good but still tired. I don't feel like talking today. That isn't an unusual feeling for me these days. Having SD and talking can be such a struggle - it wears you out! I am still doing exercises and reading out loud. I have fallen a bit behind in the massage area (No - I haven't forgotten about the podcast - I just have been too lazy to get it edited and online!) but . . . I have good intentions to get back on track today!


noble pig said...

OMG, I hate when you are looking forward to a return like that and you have one of those conversations. Ugh. Aren't you glad he feels so safe there he could do that! LOL!

imbeingheldhostage said...

"To the moon" would've happened when I drove the car IN TO the side of the house... I'm just sayin'
You're so much cooler than I am. I hate when my husband does his passive-aggressive stuff. He doesn't even realize he does it, so I make sure to point it out ;-)

womaninawindow said...

Ya, sometimes we/they/men...ok, maybe me/women too...can be morons. It would be so much more helpful to be on the same page, especially after being apart for so long.