Thursday, August 28, 2008


Hi All!

The cable is FINALLY working again (I think - I haven't checked it this morning yet!). The third set of installers came yesterday and replaced our DVR box. It was that simple! YEAH!

Mental P Mama keeps reminding me that they had ATT and didn't like it. Yes, I hear you and I appreciate your advice. If only Hubby read my blog! He is the one in charge of all tv related stuff in our house. We will just have to see what happens. Our neighbors have ATT and love it - so far. I will keep you posted!

Let's see - I had speech yesterday. While my voice is pretty good my neck was really tight. Of course I haven't been doing enough massage (bad, bad girl!) and then I was a bit stressed out due to things like the cable and starting a new class, etc. I carry all of my stress right in my neck. Susan, my speech therapist, really worked on my neck and finally it loosened up. Last night and today I can tell it was worked on - it is sore!!!

I am going to do my massage no matter what. Oops - hold on a second while I go find my timer and get right on that!

Okay - it is counting down now so I can continue life!

Sign language class. A new semester started for me on Tuesday. I am taking ASL beginning II - not to be confused with ASL intermediate II which is a TOTALLY different class! I really enjoy sign language and class in general so this is something I am really enthusiastic about. My friend from ASL I, Ryan, is in this class also so I have someone I already know to "chat" with!

I have class again tonight and am really looking forward to that. The only bad thing about class is that is if from 6:30 until 8:20 at night. Not too bad yet - until you add a 40 minute drive (one way)! Needless to say, I get home LATE and miss dinner with Hubby. (A quick aside - Hubby was so sweet last night. He came home and told me that he missed me that day because he didn't get to see me too much on Tuesday due to class! He is such a sweetie!) I think that we will both adjust and things will smooth out.

For those of you who don't know - I began taking sign language when my voice was worse. I was just beginning to be able to speak normally again and was a bit worried about getting my voice back at all. I had been working with my speech therapist on an alternative voicing technique, inhalation voicing, because neither of us thought I would speak normally again. However, I was beginning to speak a few words "normally" so things were looking up. Hubby and I had learned a few signs to be able to communicate in noisy situations (more water please!)and the class would teach me some more. Luckily, during that semester my voice steadily improved (and is continuing to improve - knock on the pressed wood top of my desk) and I didn't need to use signs in my personal life. However, I was hooked! It is fun and interesting - and it gives me something to focus on while I am not working!

Okay - enough rambling! Ohhh - I forgot! I went to the eye doctor yesterday and she said that part of my problem with headaches and tired eyes is that I have allergies which are really affecting my eyes. She gave me several options for treating them and I am starting with the cheapest. We will see how things work out. I don't need glasses yet but she did tell me that I will probably need reading glasses in the next year or so. Always fun to hear! I am getting old, folks!


Voice update: Well - I already told you about speech. My voice is still good. I have my timer going on the desk next to me and have already done one set of my exercises AND massage (even though my throat is sore!). I will get back on track! I promise! Of course, I think I have been saying that for a few days, haven't I?? This time I am serious! I don't want to have to go through the same neck massage at my next speech session! I am also getting out my percussion massager to work on my neck. I AM going to be a good girl!

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noble pig said...

How neat to be taking those classes. Whether you will need it or not, it's a great skill to have.