Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hi Ho, Hi Ho . . .

Hi All!

. . . it's off to work I go! Well, I am working two days this week and today is a working day. Hopefully L will have gotten good news and will be coming back to work soon. That will mean I will be out of work again but - it will be worth it if L is healthy!

I am a bit worried about work. I have been getting these annoying little headaches each evening/afternoon right behind my eyes. No idea why. They are the kind of headaches I had last week when I was sick. That makes me nervous - am I getting sick again?

Last week I was sick when I got home from working. I hope that this week is not a repeat. Especially because I have (okay - I don't HAVE to) work tomorrow also!

I guess I will keep some Tylenol in my purse just in case!


Voice Update: Darn it! I just can't get a warm up worked into my "routine" before walking. It might be because I don't have an actual "routine" for before walking to work a warm up into! My voice is still starting off a bit weak and then gaining strength during the walk/talk. It is pretty darn good during the day. Thank God! I am still doing exercises like a good girl but am slacking a bit on my massage. That isn't good!


Mama Goose said...

Saying a prayer for L, and hoping you're beating the bug that bit you!

Coffee Bean said...

When my oldest daughter was little she LOVED Snow White. She was obsessed with Snow White! On her third birthday we gave her a set of the seven dwarves that I found at Disneyland. When she opened them she jumped up and down sqealing, "Hi Ho's! Hi Ho's!" It was so cute! She liked to lay her see and say down and then place a "Hi Ho" on the center and then pull the string. They would stay up a turn or two and then fling off. She loved it.

noble pig said...

Have a good day and I hope you didn't get the dreaded H!

womaninawindow said...

So much to consider. It's unnerving really. I'm thinking maybe your headaches are just a consequence of sitting and not owning your mind. Maybe the lighting, too? Offices give me a headache, big time.

Hope all is well.