Thursday, July 31, 2008

Moonflowers, Magnolias, and General "Madness!"

Hi All!

Did I tell you about my moonflowers? Several years ago my mother - who is a fabulous gardener! - sent me a packet of moonflower seeds for my birthday. I planted those little buggers and - voila! I soon had a huge climbing vine which had these lovely white flowers at night.

That is right - they flower at night. Hence the name MOON flower.

Anyway - the moonflower is blooming its little heart out right now. I have continued planting them every year because they are one of the things I have found which do well in my neck of the woods and which I can keep alive. This morning when I glanced out the window I saw six blooms on my side of the fence. On my way back from walking I noticed another two blooms (closed up and spent by that time) on the other side of the fence.

They are so beautiful!

Today I am having lunch with an ex-coworker from my last school. She is the librarian and is a wonderful person and a super friend. Unfortunately, I haven't seen too much of her since I left my school for medical leave and the whole SD adventure.

SD can be really isolating and I know that I have neglected several good friendships due to the fact that talking was/is a struggle. Now I am slowly working on getting those friendships back on track. Of course, THEY could have contacted me! But - I am sure that they didn't know what to say about the whole not talking thing. Oh well!

We are eating at The Magnolia Cafe. Doesn't that sound like a nice place to eat lunch. According to my friend it is a nice, "girly" place to have lunch and they have good desserts. Now, that is MY kind of cafe!

Today was my second day of walking with "C." I dragged myself from my heavenly bed in which I had slept like a log for once (probably because I was so tired from not sleeping the previous night and from working!!!) and made it to the meeting place. However, while I was there and was stretching a bit I saw someone coming down the sidewalk toward me. Could it be? Yes! It was my neighbor "Mrs. N!"

This is the neighbor who used to walk with me but quit because it was too hot. Imagine my surprise!

I had discovered the "C" was friends with "Mrs. N" and we had discussed getting "Mrs. N" to walk with us. I hadn't had time to talk to Mrs. N (The quotations are just too tedious to do every time - so please excuse me!) yet due to my WORKING and all. Apparently, C had called Mrs. N and told her to get herself out of bed in the morning to walk with us. It worked!

The three of us had a good walk (and a good sweat) and plan on doing it every morning for a while! Yeah us!


Voice Update: After working for six hours yesterday my voice is a bit tired. It is still doing pretty well in terms of what it sounds like but I just don't feel like talking all that much. Should make lunch interesting! All of the other speech therapists in the office were very impressed with my voice. AND I did a fair amount of phone work yesterday with little trouble. I did have problems saying the end of tomorrow. Hmmmmm. My therapist told me I was talking too loudly at one point and when I lowered the volume - the word tomorrow came out so much easier! I hate it when she is right!


Nell said...

We grew moonflowers for a couple of years and loved them! I'd forgotten about them though but will grow them again next year! Yours are gorgeous.

Thanks for the comment. I'm enjoying your blog too! Very interesting. I had never heard of SD. You've been on a pretty amazing journey.

noble pig said...

Well that should be better for walking, someome you know and someone you don't. Have fun with that Trisha!

womaninawindow said...

Beautiful flowers and intriguing too. Good on you for walking, too. I think of it every day. Does that count?

Chris H said...

Lovely flowers ... and yaa for walking! I can't wait to be well enough to go walking properly again.