Saturday, August 16, 2008

What is The World Coming To?

Hi All!

Now, I must admit that Hubby and I watch Big Brother. Somehow we got addicted to it in season three (or so) and have been watching ever since. To be perfectly honest, I can take it or leave it but Hubby really likes it and it gives us something to talk about.

(I apologize for my pictures today - for some reason they just didn't do what I wanted them to do!)

Big Brother is the ONLY reality show that I watch. I do draw the line at that! Reality shows are getting really old really fast for me!

Normally I don't get too excited about things that happen on the show. Sure, I discuss them with Hubby and his buddies from work who also watch but, I don't dwell on it for any great length of time. However, something happened this week that is just stuck in my craw and so I thought I would work it out of my mind by blogging about it.

To catch those of you who DON'T watch the show up - the show locks thirteen people from different backgrounds into a house (a really nice house) and then they have to vote one person out each week. The last two people standing face a "jury" of their past housemates and one of them wins half a million dollars. So - the show is basically about keeping yourself in the house while getting everyone else out. There is a lot of plotting and planning, promises and lying.

This season there is also a lot (and I do mean a LOT) of fights between house guests (as they are called). Nothing physical but, there sure have been a lot of yelling and screaming. There are always flare ups during the season - I mean, how could there not when people are locked in with each other all day, everyday? This season is particularly nasty for some reason. Even Hubby has commented on it.

A week or so ago the house became divided on who to vote out of the house. One man, Dan

got in the middle of both sides. Dan is a teacher at a Catholic school and is a Catholic (well, duh!). Each side wanted his vote and thought he had promised it to them. To further complicate issues, he was "America's Player" for that particular week. That means that he had to do whatever the viewers voted for him to do in order to win $20,000. Not a bad deal, huh?

So - America wanted him to vote Jessie out (personally, I did too - Jessie was a young body builder who just had too much ego for my taste). So - he did. That put him in a bad position with half of the house including the 75 year old, retired Marine Colonel, Jerry. Jerry took Dan's vote EXTREMELY personally saying that Dan had promised him to vote to keep Jessie in the house. Now, from what I saw (which I admit is heavily edited), I saw no such promise. Jerry also says that Dan was "hiding behind his cross," "hiding behind his religion." Again - I saw no evidence of such in the tape they showed.

Jerry started yelling at Dan and even went as far as calling him "Judas." He tried to get other members of the house to call Dan Judas also but, from what I saw, they declined. Dan reacted to each of Jerry's attacks very mildly saying he understood Jerry's feelings and that he was sorry.

Jerry was majorly gunning to get Dan out of the house and was in the position to veto one of the nominations to put Dan on. He declined to do so but did take the opportunity to make a little speech about how evil Dan was in front of all of the house guests (and the tv audience). He said the in his house Dan will forever be known as Judas.

This ticked me off major time. Jerry kept going on about being disrespected by Dan, etc., etc. WHAT??? Has he never seen the show? It is all about switching sides and doing what is best for you personally and above all - IT IS A GAME!

AND - Jerry keeps talking about Dan breaking his word which - as a former Marine is very, very important to Jerry. WHAT???? In the very first week, Jerry promised Brian that he wouldn't vote him out and then did just that because "the house wanted it." Isn't THAT breaking his word? How can Jerry rant and rave and call Dan Judas when he did the EXACT SAME THING himself??????

Hello? Doesn't Jerry have any memory?

And just why is JERRY so darn upset? He wasn't best buddies with Jessie. There are other people in the house who were much closer to Jessie and could be more upset but there is Jerry swearing and flipping the camera off about Dan. Yes, this retired Colonel is swearing and making obscene gestures! Talk about disrespectful!

How respectful is Jerry being? And then he has the NERVE to demand respect from Dan? Heck - I don't respect Jerry at all and I am not in the house with him! He needs to get off his high horse and start behaving like a human instead of a jerk!

Of course this leads right into my rant about older people who demand respect from the younger generations but then don't give respect back. But - I will save that for another day.

All I can say is "Jerry - SHUT UP! It is a game!"


Voice Update: Walked near a lot of traffic today so I stayed quiet a bunch but my voice is doing well. I was bad and didn't do exercises yesterday but . . . hopefully I will get back on track today.


noble pig said...

I still haven't watched my recorded episodes yet...can you believe it? So I can't read this! Ahhhhhhhhh.

Mabunny said...

HIyas Trisha! I saw your comment on Coffee Beans blog and had to pop on over here. I too live in Dallas Texas. In Lancaster. What part do you live in? and yes, the rain is lovely. And the temps in the high 80s/low 90s this weekend. PERFECT! I feel fall creeping around the corner, just teasing us for another month or so!
Stop by my blog , or email me!

Coffee Bean said...

We've only watched that one time and I think it was the 2nd one...not sure about that. The winner was this really weird narcissistic doctor guy that shaved his whole body. He was cute... but yikes! Talk about high maintenance. He also had a romance with one of the other gals in the house, but it didn't last long after the show.

I answered the question of the keys in today's post, titled, "News Flash." Have a great weekend!

Mental P Mama said...

Have never seen it...and feel like I now know it all!

womaninawindow said...

Ah, I used to watch it. Loved the evil doctor in 2002 or so. But lately, it seems like everyone's on steroids. I watch So you think you can dance, 'cause really, it rocks.