Monday, August 4, 2008

Star Trek and Sham-wow!

Hi All!

Hopefully Blogger and my Internet are cooperating today so I can get back into my normal schedule!

Last night, before we went to sleep, Hubby was flipping through the TV stations (as usual) and he happened to hit one of his favorites - Star Trek.

Now, I am normally a fan of Star Trek. You would never call me a "Trekkie" but I like the show well enough. Hubby and I enjoy making fun of the fact that Captain Kirk always "gets" the good looking female alien/federation official/crew member. What a "smooth operator!"

Last night, however, the show offended me. It was an episode called "The Empath." We didn't watch the entire episode but the thing started out with Kirk, Spock, and Dr. McCoy at some outpost looking for missing workers. The three were then transported - against their will - to some weird dark place. In this dark place, reclining on the only furniture in the place, was a beautiful "woman." Okay - Spock pointed out that she wasn't human - just humanoid.

This beautiful "woman" didn't say a word - she just looked up at Kirk with huge, doe eyes. Kirk turned to McCoy and asked what was wrong with her. McCoy ran his scanner thing over her and said "She's a mute. She doesn't have vocal cords." Poor thing. I can sympathise!

Anyway - here is the part that offended me. Kirk responded to McCoy by saying, "But how will she understand us?"

Excuse me? Did he just imply that because she was mute - not able to speak - that she wouldn't be able to understand them?

How are the two connected?

Just because someone can't TALK doesn't mean that they are STUPID!

This hit a nerve with me because I have met with the same attitude due to my SD. When my voice was really bad people treated me like I was not intelligent! What ignorance! One thing has nothing to do with the other! ARRRRGHHH!

Okay - moving on. Have you seen the commercials on TV for the Sham-WOW!? I want one of these things. They are the amazing shamis. They can soak up way more than a regular towel and can soak spills right out of carpets - including any that gets under the carpet. With virtually no work!

Each time I see that commercial I tell Hubby that I want one. I mean, how can I live without such a useful tool? Olympic swimmers use them to dry off instantly. You can dry off your car with one. Use one for a bathmat. Use one to drain dishes. They are wonder things.

To be honest. I really want one so I can see if it can really do the things that they show in the commercial.

Can you say "Deal or Dud?"


Voice Update: I noticed my voice was a bit hesitant this morning when talking to C and Mrs. N. I am not sure why. Oh well. I guess the exercises will get to the root of the problem. I really need to get back to the massage though!


Mental P Mama said...

I can tell you that the sham wow is a sham. My son has one. It is no good. Save your money;) Have a wonderful day, though!

noble pig said...

The sham sucks! (sorry for that) not buy it!

Arwyn Y. said...

Yeah, there are some fancy editing tricks when they do the carpet cleanup--you'll see the camera cuts.

A shammy is good, though--just not this wonderful thing like the Sham-Wow makes itself out to be. I heard that a chamois is a good thing to get (the actual leather ones, not the knockoff ones) although microfiber cloths are pretty awesome for other reasons. I have a bunch of microfiber cloths around here, and they work wonders with cleaning. There is one that I used for cleaning just about everything, and all you need to do is soak it with water and wring it out. Best thing I've ever used for cleaning glass.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how things can looks so good on TV and be dreadful in real life? Very disappointing!

womaninawindow said...

Oh, it's amazing how such an iconic show has so many offensive facets. Even just the simple way they treat women but yes, I can see where it would hit you below the belt even more. I'd like to just chalk it up to the olden days, but I know some people, even well intentioned people get their minds befuggled when confronting differences in people. We all just need more on the job training.

Coffee Bean said...

Oh my gosh, this post cracked me up! My oldest daughter is dyslexic and years ago Joan Rivers was guest hosting some morning show and made a very disparaging remark about someone being dyslexic. It made me feel sick and I almost wrote a nasty letter because my daughter heard it and was hurt and confused by what she said. We told her that she could do anything but that the dyslexia just made it harder for her and that it had nothing to do with her basic intelligence. If I'd seen Joan Rivers that day in person... I think I would have beat her up.