Friday, August 15, 2008

Something is "Wrong" at My House Today

Hi All!

Can you tell what is "wrong" with this picture? It is something subtle. Look closely.

Do you think you know? Hmmmm. I'll give you another hint.

Okay - what do you think?
It is RAINING in Texas!

This is not just some little sprinkle either! It started raining in the middle of the night - so hard that the noise woke even Hubby up! By the time it was light enough outside for us to read our rain gauge, it had rained almost one whole inch! (Excuse me while I do a happy, rain dance here!)

The grass is sighing with happiness and taking a shower for the first time in many, many weeks (it is about time too - that grass was getting pretty rank!). The flowerbed is getting water from the skies and not from my garden hose. I think there might even be some free fertilizer coming from the lightening too! Lucky plants!

The reason this picture is sort of fuzzy is that I was trying to catch the rain. I didn't quite make it but, I don't care! It is raining!!!

I even like the "ugly shrubs" when they are wet from rain water! I'll go back to hating them when they sprout from all of this moisture!

I love rain. It makes me happy - almost giddy. Of course, this always helps me giggle when it rains - my neighbor's sprinklers going off even though it is pouring rain! Tee-hee!

Wait! There is one more thing I want you to figure out. What is "wrong" with THIS picture?

I LOVE rain!


Voice Update: Due to the aforementioned precipitation, we didn't walk. Okay - C didn't walk because of a meeting and Mrs. N and I walked around the block in light sprinkles before she gave up and went home. I kept walking for about another thirty minutes and ended in a drenching downpour. Fun, fun! Needless to say, I didn't talk too much this morning. My voice is still doing well though. I will jump on those exercises just as soon as my hair dries.

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noble pig said...

Lucky you! But I don't know what's wrong with the pic!