Friday, August 29, 2008


Hi All!

The other morning Hubby was eating breakfast and saw this visitor at our bird feeder.

(Okay - I will admit that this picture is from a different day but it is the same bird.)

I was in the bedroom and heard a bit "thunk" which was the hawk landing on the gutter. Then, he apparently took a sparrow down to the ground right in front of the window Hubby was sitting in front of. Hubby didn't like that too much and really didn't want to see the hawk have breakfast while he was eating his own. He banged on the window, distracted the hawk, and the sparrow got away!

While I know that the circle of life must continue I agree with Hubby that it isn't the most appetizing to see it while you are eating breakfast!

By the way - this is a sharp shinned hawk according to my bird book. It looks just like a Coopers Hawk but is smaller.

I had sign language class last night. We are still reviewing information from ASL I and getting up to speed so that we can begin learning more advanced stuff. Having a different teacher is interesting because there are several signs for the same word (in many cases) and different people use different signs so I have to get used to this teacher. I went to the ASL lab yesterday before class and got caught up with a lab assistant I had last semester and also reviewed the lesson we were assigned. It was fun. I will admit that some things I totally forgot and then felt silly when I learned what they were because . . . I knew the sign! Brain freeze from not using sign language over the summer, I guess.

During class we were "talking" about how Deaf people are often considered "stupid" because they are unable to speak - does that sound familiar? I have faced that same issue when my voice was bad! It really makes you think more about your assumptions, doesn't it? Maybe the world would be a kinder place if everyone took a minute to think before making assumptions about a person due to the way the look or act or due to a disability!

Learning about a different culture (or even a disability) can really help you broaden your view of the world. I think everyone should have to do it!


Voice Update: Well, pat me on the back, I did my exercises yesterday (thanks, Mr. Timer!) and my massage. I didn't do the "thumper" because my neck was just too sore. Maybe I will do it today . . . maybe! I also did a lot of inhale "e's" while driving to and from class. I even sang along to the radio on the inhale for a bit.


Mental P Mama said...

I don't like the circle of life in my yard either. And what an eye-opening experience these classes are...hope you have a great weekend;)

Karen said...

I took a sign language course for fun when I was homeschooling the kids. None of us got a whole lot out of it and I'm now wishing that I would have tried harder. It was fun, we just didn't practice it.