Monday, August 11, 2008

Shrubs, Cactus, and Rain

Hi All!

Do you remember my "fun" time trimming shrubs earlier this spring? Well, I got to relive that experience in 90+ degree heat last night!

Lucky me!

Yes, the "ugly shrubs" have this really nice way of shooting up long branches about every two to three months no matter the weather (okay - they don't do that in the winter) which means I have to TRIM in all kinds of weather. If I don't trim, I face getting a letter from the "lawn patrol" from the home owners' association.

I might get a letter despite the fact that both of my neighbors refuse to trim their shrubs more than once a year and their yards certainly look a bit shabby. THEY don't get letters but I do - me - the one who trims shrubs multiple times a year! Go figure!

Did I tell you that my mother mailed me a cactus? Yes, I got a package and when I opened it - there was a cactus.

Mom and I had been talking about a cactus that my parents have at their farm. It was blooming and I said that I had always wanted an outside cactus - which I have. Well, now I have an outside cactus! I actually planted it yesterday in a pot out in the middle of the front flowerbed. (Don't worry Mom - there is a lot of room around the cactus for when we trim the shrubs and we can move the pot if we need to.)

That was quite a trick considering I wasn't supposed to actually touch the cactus at all. I did manage with my trusty trowel. Now we just have to see if it will grow! Pictures will come soon!

Rain. It tried to rain this morning. It really did. There was actual drops coming from the sky. However, they didn't last too long - I would say less than five minutes. Rats!

This is the only place I know where people are excited when a hurricane blows into the Gulf of Mexico en route to someplace on the coast of Texas. That way we might get some of the residual rain.

Does that make us bad people?


Voice Update: I had good intentions of doing some exercises to warm up my voice before walking this morning. It didn't happen but I meant well! My voice did pretty well though. A bit shaky in the beginning but not as bad as it has been. If only I could figure out how to speak without any unvoiced consonants! Wouldn't that be interesting? I am still working with my buddy the timer to do my exercises and massage. I am being a good girl!


MUD said...

The master Gardner here at Rabbit Run said to put phoenix on your watch list and make sure that you you only water your cactus when it rains in Phoenix. Re-pot that sucker and bring it inside out of the rain. Some plants don't like to have their feet wet over a long time. They will rot off the roots and die. Good luck. MUD

Chris H said...

Cactus... no thanks! Not kid friendly at all! And as for trimming the shrubs.. we have a thorn less rose that grows all the time too.... glad we are leaving it here!

noble pig said...

Ha, I cactus, I wonder what that means.

I have to laugh at your shrub pics since we are watching Edward Scissorhands right now! He-he.

Coffee Bean said...

My grandparents had cacti everywhere... I have a rather traumatic memory of stepping on one when I was about 8.

womaninawindow said...

I could never abide a home owner's association.