Saturday, August 9, 2008

Saturday Stuff

Hi All!

Thank you for your get well soon wishes - they seem to have worked. Well, they worked on everything except the headache. So - if you could now focus your good wishes on me getting rid of my headache, I would appreciate it. And if you could do it soon - I have a showing of Jersey Boys to go to this afternoon and a headache wouldn't be too much fun! (I will let you know how the musical was when I get back!). Thanks!

I must say that this illness is sort of freaking me out. My mother had pneumonia a couple of months ago and one of my friends we in the hospital earlier this week with pneumonia. Now I think I have pneumonia. I guess if things are still horrible next week I will have to break down and see Doc Feely. Of course I don't think I would have been able to walk for a hour this morning in the heat if I had pneumonia.

I did get goosebumps and chills while walking though (and it was already 80 something when I left the house). Hmmmmmm.

Anyway . . .

A quick "work" update. L should have found out the results of her full body scans on Thursday. I am working two days next week - even if she is coming back - to make sure she is caught up and not overwhelmed with everything. I won't know how things went with her until I go back to work and hear all of the news but I am keeping my fingers crossed. I am positive it will be good news!

Hey! Did you know the Olympics started last night? I watched most of the opening ceremony (I had a headache and spent a lot of time with my eyes closed listening but I did open my eyes to catch a bit of everything they did) and even Tivoed it so I could see what I missed when Hubby and I went to Wal Mart.

Just for the record - going to Wal Mart on a Friday night when you have a headache - not a good idea! Luckily, Hubby got me a Sonic Blast to make up for it. Fried Ice Cream flavor. Interesting.

The opening ceremony was really neat. I was amazed that they got all those performers to do everything so in "sync" with each other. However, did anyone else notice that they all had ear pieces in? I don't know if they were ear plugs or little speakers but they all had them! Imagine the cost to get everyone an ear piece! Yikes!

I wish all of the athletes good luck and would like to remind them that even though McDonald's is an Olympic sponsor - they probably shouldn't eat there right before their competitions. Maybe when they are all done . . .


Voice Update: Well, I did exercises yesterday (when I woke up for the day) and they went rather well. This morning I walked and found my voice had some issues again. Of course, I didn't warm up like my mother suggested (and, by the way, my speech therapist agreed with!) so I will have to get that into my schedule and see if it makes a difference. I am massaging more trying to keep my throat loose.

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noble pig said...

It was a beautiful ceremony, makes you feel very patriotic!