Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Warrior?

Hi All!

This weekend Hubby and I headed to Home Depot to pick up a few things. He finally got his birthday present (from March!) which is an electric, rechargeable string trimmer (known in our house as a Weed Whacker!). We also picked up some stuff for the garden. We got a tomato plant, some radish and lettuce seeds, two impatien plants which are hybrids designed to handle full sun (we will see!), two Peace Lillies to replace the two we had inside and which were struggling. Let's see. . . . we also got more anti-bird netting to put over our strawberries and tomatoes when they are close to being ripe. I think that is it.

Then it was time to get busy! I spent about two hours digging in my little flower garden. The edging I had put in needed to be pulled out and reset so I increased the width of the bed by about 8-10 inches all along. I also yanked up two paver blocks and repositioned them so that the end of the bed was a more regular shape.

Here is our tomato plant. I hope we get some nice tomatoes from it. We decided to go with only one plant this year to make sure it had lots of space to grow!

The strawberries are blooming away and forming nice, green berries. Keep your fingers crossed!

I forget what this plant is called. It has dark purple leaves and such lovely purple blooms. This is the first year it has really bloomed this nicely. Last year it only had one bloom!

My Hydranga is coming along very nicely. Many others in the neighborhood are bigger - does that depend on if I cut it back in the fall? Each Fall I cut back the dead parts.

My Hostas - okay, two of my Hostas - are making their presence known. I am hoping to have a bunch more soon!

There are "Sun Patiens" which are supposed to be able to deal with full sun. I am going to plant them in planters as soon as I get some more soil. The variegated one has pink blooms but I have no idea what color the other is going to be.

This is the "big" Peace Lilly we bought. It is already potted and ready to go.

Here is the "little" Peace Lilly. It is already re-potted too. Such nice, glossy leaves!

Let's just hope that these little buggers don't decide they like to chew on the Peace Lilly leaves!

That was my weekend! How was yours?
Voice Update: Doing well. I must admit that I didn't read out loud for very long yesterday. I just needed a break. This probably isn't good for my voice but . . . I just needed a break! I did read on Saturday and a bit (probably 20 minutes) on Sunday but . . .I know it should have been longer. One problem is that I finished the book I was reading and now am trying to get into another book. Not a good excuse - is it?