Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another Wednesday is History!

Hi All!

Well, I did it! I made it through another Wednesday! Another L- O-N-G Wednesday!

I started the day the "normal" way - with a walk. The walk was very nice - if a little chilly. My hands tend to get so cold on chilly mornings so I pulled on my fingerless gloves (perfect for working on the computer in the winter and for working with your hands. They aren't quite as practical as they could be but . . .) and hit the sidewalks. A pleasant breeze ruffled my bed-styled hair and the birds were just chirping their little hearts out. Nice.

Next I got on the computer to do some work, to blog, and to "chat" with Mom. Of course I had to have iTunes on and had to check email as well. It was a busy time on the computer.

Then it was off to Speech. Thankfully, all of the work I have been doing is really paying off. My voice is pretty consistent now with some very specific sounds which are giving me problems. Susan and I went through some exercises designed to work on those sounds (apparently, my tongue tends to get into my airway while I make those sounds and it messes everything up!) and now I have new "homework." Fun, fun! The new stuff doesn't replace any of what I am already doing - it is added on.

With a good report (and new work to do) from Speech it was back in the car to zoom off to Collin County Community College - Spring Creek Campus. I went up to the interpreting lab (different from the ASL lab in that it is smaller and not staffed with a lab assistant and that it allows voicing!) to meet members of my group to work on the group project. We worked on other stuff too - the journals which were due last night, various lab assignments that needed peer evaluations, etc.

Our group project seems to be on track. I am waiting for an update from the group which stayed after class last night to finish up some videoing. . . I have some organizational work to do and then everything needs to be edited and "prettified!"

My trip home was delayed greatly due to the fact that one of my classmates got some really bad news during class and I spent about an hour talking to her and cheering her up some so that she was in a good enough mood to drive home safely. Also, it was just plain fun talking to her! This delay got me home about twenty minutes before the start of today.

Needless to say, Skor and Miss Cleo were waiting for me at the door. Apparently, they can't settle down until I am home and in bed. After a little "loving time" where the cats got petted and ran around like lunatics, I managed to make it into the bedroom to change and then into the bathroom to get ready for bed. Skor played an energetic round of "tub ball" where he chases a ball around the bottom (and sides) of our bathtub.

Next it was falling into bed to eventually drift off to a nice, deep sleep.

Only to be awakened at 5:00 A.M. by "Buzzer." Who is Buzzer? That is what Hubby calls Skor when he acts like an alarm clock.

Yes, Skor woke me up at five and I managed to almost ignore him until about six forty five or so when I rolled out of bed, pulled on my walking clothes and stumbled out to make lunch for Hubby.

Doesn't that sound so glamorous to you?

I am going to take a nap now!


Voice Update: See the info above. Doing well and have new exercised to do to work on the few remaining issues I have.


Mental P Mama said...

That exhausted me! I hope your classmate is okay....

Diane said...

Take a nap for me also! I love the thought of "tub ball"!