Saturday, April 3, 2010


Hi All!

This morning I am cranky.

I feel mean.

I feel like growling at someone/something.

Leaving my bed wasn't something I wanted to do -at 7:00 A.M. when the cats wanted me to watch them eat or at 8:00 A.M. when I agreed to meet Mom on IM.

Walking? What a joke! I decided to sleep in (hoping that a little extra sleep would make me less cranky - it didn't work).

Hubby, who is trying hard to stay out of the path of my crankiness, has helpfully told me that he thinks I am so cranky because of my voice.

After growling at him (in the most loving way that I could manage) I decided that he was absolutely correct. The worst thing about that is that I didn't figure that out for myself. Honestly! You would think that at this point in my "dance" with SD I would be able to tell when it was stepping all over my toes and making me cranky. Apparently, I can't. That makes me even MORE cranky!

The cats have figured out that I am in a less than good "place" at the moment and they have both decided to leave me alone. For once I am alone while I sit in the office. It is a minor miracle!

Of course, I wish that I wasn't cranky. I don't like feeling cranky.

I think I will go back to bed for a while and try to wake up with a completely new attitude.

Do you think it will work?


Voice Update: Actually, my voice is doing better. Hubby has told me that it seems like my regime is helping to strengthen my voice again. Mr. Timer and I are still working on my reading and I am striving to do my inhalation exercises and massage at least four times a day. The massage is a bit of a problem because my neck is still a little sore from Susan's work over! I AM doing the massage though.


Mental P Mama said...

Sometimes a good old day of spewing our crankiness out there is a bit cathartic. There's always tomorrow....

Chris H said...

Yaaaa... I'm not the only person who can get cranky/crabby and tell everyone about it!
So, did you go back to bed? Did it work?
How are you now? lol