Monday, April 26, 2010

Evolution of a Cactus

Hi All!

This weekend was one of much needed sleep and a very, very odd Hubby. He was in a "mood" and was "interesting" to say the least!

Anyway! I did some work in the flowerbeds - trimmed another of the infernal shrubs and did some weeding (fun, fun!). There was also some net-working. What I mean by that is that I actually worked with netting to cover up the strawberries to protect against birds. I had thought that since the berries were just BARELY red that the birds would leave them alone - WRONG! Two of my barely blushed berries were beaked!

That is why the net came out. Now the berries are covered so that, hopefully, Hubby and I will be able to enjoy some nice berries instead of providing them as a buffet for the birds. There are a lot of little green berries which I hope will all ripen and be delicious.

On Saturday, Hubby and I headed to the Music Hall at Fair Park to see a presentation of "The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber." This wasn't exactly a musical but Hubby counts it as one since it was all songs FROM musicals!

The presentation was pretty nice. There was one song from the movie of The Phantom of the Opera which Hubby and I had never heard and there were several musicals included which we haven't see (yet?!?) but there were also some very familiar songs from Phantom, Joseph, Evita, Cats, and Jesus Christ Superstar. Overall, I enjoyed the show. My favorite part were the songs sung by Charlie Pollock - he brought such energy and talent to the songs.

Yesterday was church in the morning, cinnamon rolls fresh from the oven in the afternoon and then handbells before coming home to dinner and reading as well as some piano playing.

A good weekend!

This morning I was out for my walk enjoying the lovely, cool air even though I know I will suffer for it in a bit with my eye allergies. They seem to be getting a bit better but they do still cause headaches pretty much daily. That is NOT too fun! After my walk I did my usual watering of my plants and I noticed that my cactus has grown quite a bit.

For those of you who don't remember - this is what my cactus (shipped to me via the USPS from Ohio) looked like when I first planted it.

Just a few little pieces. They looked pretty sparse in the pot.

This was the cactus last summer (with a duck egg placed there by Hubby to mess with me!). It has grown quite a bit since I first got it, hasn't it?

This is the same cactus this year. It seems to have gone WILD with the new growth! There is no evidence of any blooms yet but, hopefully, there will be a nice display sometime this summer.
Have I mentioned that Hubby HATES my cactus?
Such is life!
Voice Update: As normal, my voice has its ups and downs. This weekend it seems like I am either really aware of the ups and downs or they are really pronounced! While reading the Bible (I am near the end of Numbers now!), I have noticed that not only is that pesky word "two" giving me trouble but also words which start with a hard "c" such a cut. In Numbers that word is repeated a lot as the Lord tells Moses that people who commit certain kinds of sins will be cut off from their people. Apparently, you can get cut off from you people for doing a lot of different things! In addition to the difficulties with certain words, I have been having trouble raising my voice to talk to Hubby over the washer, dishwasher, running water, etc. However, there have also been times when my voice has really rocked! I guess that is just the way things are with SD!


Mental P Mama said...

Isn't "odd" redundant when used in the same sentence with husband? Love your cactus! You must have a prickly thumb;)

Chris H said...

Wow that cactus has gone mad!

Beth! said...

Dang, that cactus growth is intense! I had no idea they grew so quickly.

imbeingheldhostage said...

wow, that cactus is really taking off! I could still manage to kill it, as easy as cactus can be, I could still kill it.
What a great week you've had. I would've loved the non-musical musical event.