Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Garden Butt

Hi All!

Remember all those plants I bought yesterday? Well, I am pleased to tell you that they are all planted. Every single one of them. Also, the mulch is laid. Things are looking good around my place at the moment. I have pictures to prove that I actually did a lot of work yesterday.

But first - take a look at this birdhouse.

My Mother-in-law gave us this birdhouse to honor the fact that Hubby works in the dairy industry (in a round about way). It has been inside for a long time but this year, when I cleaned the laundry room, I decided it should go outside. So - here it is.

Does anyone else think it is odd the way the eyes on the birdhouse seem to "glow?" I know it is only a trick of the lighting but . . .

Okay - now on to my hard work. First - a view of my "Patio garden."

The long planter holds our radish and lettuce crop. Both are doing well so far. It is elevated to discourage our local bunnies from nibbling.

In front of that is my tomato plant and in front of that is the strawberry crop.

Beside the berries are my recently potted New Guinea Impatiens.

Here is my front flowerbed. This is still very much a work in progress. We hope to rip the old shrubs out and replant. But - that doesn't appear to be happening any time soon so - I planted my new plants behind the shrubs.

Two of the plants are my formerly ONE pin cushion plant. I dug the thing up and it fell apart into two sections in my hands!

Now to the back flowerbed. Here is a view of the Clematis and the Cone Flowers I am hoping Bunny won't like this year. Currently, they have chili powder on them to make them less palatable.

This is my Hydrangea plant. I am so happy it is getting bigger. Maybe it will flower with vigor this year! I am keeping my fingers crossed!

My newly planted Laguna (lobelia hybrid) and Catalina (torenia) plants which I hope enjoy the shade. To the front right edge of this picture is the Lemon Drop (Oenothera). The pink plant is the Butterfly Flower (Gaura lindheimeri hybrid) which I hope lives up to its name and brings in lots of "flying flowers!"

I like the look of these rocks in my garden and the sleepy kitten.

Another new arrival is the Marguerite Daisy (Argyranthemum frutescens). I think the pink looks good next to the purple of the plant on the left and the yellow and orange flowers of the Blanket Flower on the right.

Here is a view of the entire bed. I am pretty satisfied. Of course, I am still wanting to make it bigger but . . . that I will save for another day!

That was a LOT of work but, I had my iPod in and I really enjoyed the coolish day and being outside. Now - about the title of this post.
When I was working in the beds I started out kneeling. That soon became very uncomfortable and so I just sat down. In dirt, in mud, in mulch, whatever. Of course, I had on less than wonderful pants so . . . I didn't mind. I just sort of scooted around to wherever I needed to be and made sure that no mulch was sticking me. When I got inside and took a look at the seat of my pants . . . I found I had garden butt!

Such sacrifices we make for our gardens!


Voice Update: I have speech today with Susan so I will get the official verdict from her but I have continued to work hard. Okay - last night I skipped reading out loud because I was tired but . . . that is the first night in at least a week!

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