Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Another Wednesday!

Hi All!

It is Wednesday. Did you know that? Personally, I am VERY aware of the fact that it is Wednesday. The day that I "look forward to" all week. Yeah, right!

Actually, I suppose I should be feeling better about Wednesdays since class has been getting better but, old habits die hard!

Prior to class today, I do have a speech appointment. I am hoping that it goes really well since I have been working hard. Again, my whole "dance" with SD is certainly nothing when viewed through the glasses of my friend Marcia's struggle with cancer but, to me, it is my own personal struggle.

Wait a minute! Maybe that is it! For the past couple of years I have found that when I think of SD as a struggle - it IS a struggle. When I think of SD as my "dance partner" in the adventure I like to call life - it isn't such a struggle! Lately, I have been thinking of SD as a struggle when I need to remember that it is merely a dance partner who sometimes gets off beat and steps on my toes. Instead of working "against" SD, I need to work WITH it so that we are on the same page in terms of tempo. Then, SD won't mis-step and trod on my toes.

How in the world do I forget such a lesson which I learned through such hard times and hard work?

*doink!* (That was me hitting my forehead with my open palm!)

All I need to do is to remember to dance! DANCE!

Okay - now that my personal revelation and "doinking" is done, let's move on.

Today I have been given the very important task of dropping our taxes off at the post office. Who gave me this "honor?" Hubby, of course!

So, it would have been better for me to drop this important document off at the post office YESTERDAY when I had all the time in the world. Such things don't really occur to Hubby sometimes!

*sigh* Oh, well!

After my visit to the post office and to speech, I will head to the college to meet members of the class to begin working on our group project. Doesn't that sound like fun? Then it will be time for class.

Sounds like a pretty smooth day, right? Sure, it has some running around involved but, it seems smooth.

Unfortunately, I need to add one more factor into the mix.

Eye allergies.

The pollen is horrific here (as it is in many areas right now) and my eyes are really having problems. They are watery and itchy and . . . wait for it . . . . cause killer headaches! Yeah!

The only way I can help the situation - besides expensive allergy drops which I would need to take daily whether I had problems on not - is to flush my eyes with drops about every half hour. I dug my eye drops out from last year - and they had expired - of course! Not having anything else last night, I used them but, I will be stopping at Wally World briefly between the post office and speech to pick up some new solution.

Needless to say, any eye makeup (or under-eye makeup) I might leave the house with today will be long gone by tonight thanks to the flushing. My eyes are rimmed in a nice, bright reddish pink color and look like I have been crying my eyes out. Hmmmmm. Maybe I will get some sympathy in class. What do you think?

No - I didn't really think I would either!

Have a super Wednesday! Oh - think of Hubby - he will be taking Miss Cleo to the vet for her annual check-up this afternoon. Also think of the fact that he isn't very adept at actually getting this cat into a carrier!


Voice Update: I am doing well. Yesterday I decided to talk to Mom and Dad on the phone instead of reading out loud. It is all the same as long as I am talking. This was AFTER I talked my way through the grocery store. It was slightly amusing that the workers at the store didn't even blink at me talking to myself as I went through the aisles. The shoppers were a completely different story, though!


Mental P Mama said...

I think the whole country is covered in yellow dust. Feel better;) And I continue to hold Marcia in my prayers....

Chris H said...

What a shame about the allergies you have... I don't have any ... well except maybe to children!
I hope your hubby manages with the cat!