Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's Got To Be Better . . . .

Hi All!

Was I in a good mood when I posted yesterday? It seems so very long ago that I can't remember! True, I could look back and find out but . . . that just seems to require more energy than I care to expend at the moment!

Yesterday was . . . well . . . it WAS. That is about the best I can say about it. Why? I am glad you asked!

It started with an assignment for class. Of course, I waited until the "last" minute to get everything together so I HAD to do it yesterday. Good planning skills, right? Anyway, I had picked out the video on YouTube that I was going to need and just had to get it onto a DVD to take with me to lab. Since I don't have a video camera I decided to use the next best method - my "regular" camera.

I got my purse camera all ready to go and . . . half way through recording the video (which is five minutes long!), the battery died. I put the battery on to charge and thought, "No problem! I'll just get out my other camera and use it." The other camera needed batteries so I dug those out of the pantry and loaded up the camera. Only to find that something is REALLY wrong and no image can be seen on the screen of the camera OR in the viewfinder. All you see if black with some possible light in different bands across the screen.

What? How did this happen? I haven't used this camera since our cruise to Alaska last summer and it was perfectly fine then! *sigh* Now what do I do?

Checking the charging light on the battery for my purse camera I saw that it wasn't "done" yet. What to do? What to do?

I decided to take my shower first and then see what I could figure out. After the shower I decided to try the purse camera battery even though it wasn't "done." Luckily, it worked and I got the video recorded! Yeah! My day must be getting better!

Loading the video onto the computer, I transferred it to a disc and then loaded up everything I needed to record my interpreting and headed to the lab. Once there I got the video camera and tripod set up. Got the television where you could see it while also seeing me as I interpreted. Then I stuck the disc into the television to play the video.

Nothing! I had accidentally used the wrong disc and the television/dvd player couldn't read the disc! Now what do I do????

The camera and tripod were packed up and returned to the lab and I headed home (quite a drive for NOTHING!). On the way I got gas for my poor SUV which has been running on near fumes for way too long! (Speaking of gas . . . the price jumped 20 cents in two days! What is going on with THAT??) Then I stopped at Wal Mart to do some shopping - as planned. I managed to pick up two camisoles which I think will work well to replace the sleeveless shirts I just put into the "donate" bag over the weekend.

Then it was home. I ate lunch and watched some TV as my mind feverishly worked on how to solve my problem of this darn assignment. After all, I don't have a video camera and, after briefly thinking about getting one while at Wal Mart, I decided that I probably would never use it once I was done with these classes. So - I didn't buy one. I did, however, come up with a plan which I hoped would work.

Now that my purse camera battery was charged (it was on while I was at lab and Wal Mart), I would use that. For a tripod I decided that our ladder would work well. To solve the slight problem of a messy desk, I would drape the desk and the mess with a plain colored sheet. The video would play on my computer and, hopefully, everything would work out!

After totally freaking both kitties out by moving things around - including a ladder - I had everything in place. I set the camera up on the ladder (and on top of a book for the perfect height) and, using the timer, took a picture to make sure that the set up had me in the right place. Then, it was show time!

I started the camera, ran to the computer to start the video, and sat down to interpret. The entire time I was hoping and praying that my camera wouldn't run out of batteries right in the middle of everything!

Again, I was lucky. I managed to record everything twice (the first time wasn't quite right in the set up) and the video was loaded on a DVD (I double checked this time) to be turned in as well as on Facebook to be evaluated by someone from class. Whew!

Let me tell you, after all of that I was ready for a nap! I didn't nap though - you would be proud of me! When Hubby came home we got ready and hit the sidewalks for our nightly walk.

And I got sunburned!

Things just weren't going my way, were they? Today has got to be better. Right?

To cheer myself up, I took some shots of Skor playing with "his" bag last night. They just make me smile.

He always starts just by looking at the toy in the bag. After all, you don't want to let the toy know you are hunting it!

Then he gets a little closer and perks those fuzzy ears up. Again - not too excited. You don't want to spook the toy!

Finally, just when the toy thinks it is safe . . . you POUNCE!

How can you not smile at the sight of the cat in the bag?

Have a great Wednesday!


Voice Update: Still doing my exercises and reading. Things are going well, I think. Hubby says my voice is sounding good. I do have some problems while reading though. My voice feels like it is
raspy. Probably because my throat gets so dry. I am really working on keeping my voice exercised!


jrice said...

Do you record your voice when you read or do your exercises?

imbeingheldhostage said...

I know for you it must have been crazy, but for me it was an exciting read. Thanks for having an insane day for my entertainment T :-) Glad everything worked out!

Chris H said...

What a drama! Glad you finally got it done though.
Skor does look so cute in the bag.