Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Bad Ending to an Otherwise Good Day

Hi All!

Another class session has been successfully navigated and there is no damage that I can see! Yeah! Amazingly, the class was really pretty productive. I am not sure if this is the result of the class being smaller now (10 instead of the original 17) or if it is due to the fact that the teacher got some email from her "higher ups" about her teaching methods.

Either way, it was actually almost enjoyable! Amazing!

Yesterday as an "almost" whole went well for me. I had a doctor's appointment with my "general" doctor. This is a yearly appointment and so off I went. Everything checked out okay - even the fact that I see "stars" often. This turns out to be due to the fact that my blood pressure is on the borderline of being low and that I am taking diuretics. I learned some interesting anatomy information during the appointment.

** Just a note for some long term readers. I may have told you about this very same doctor prescribing blood pressure meds to me about three years ago! Of course, that was when I was just starting to deal with my SD and was also having anxiety attacks due to some work situations. Stress really does affect your blood pressure!

After seeing "Doc Feely," as Hubby and I like to call him, I came back home, ate a nice lunch and watched a television show I had recorded. After getting the mail, I found that I had gotten my latest free CD from RBC Ministries - that was VERY exciting for me since I love music AND free things! Then I took a short, 45 minute nap and got ready to head to class. Yes, it was early for class but the group was planning to meet before class to do some work on our group project so . . . off I went.

As I stated previously, class was actually almost enjoyable! Why couldn't the semester have STARTED like this?

Then it was home again (listening to my free CD all the way home!) at the crack of eleven. Can you say, tired?

That, my dear friends, is when the twist came.

Both of my cats were excited I was home. Apparently, Hubby is not a satisfactory replacement for me while I am away. This probably has to do with the fact that he basically pets the cats for ten seconds and then ignores them. Anyway, when I got home both cats were clamoring for attention. I spent several minutes (about 30 or so) petting them and playing with them and just talking to them.

Skor, being quite the Momma's Boy, wanted even more attention so, while I was changing for bed, I picked him up to cuddle him a bit.

This was a BAD idea because Miss Cleo made a noise from the doorway and Skor shot out of my arms and across the bed. Doesn't sound too bad? Okay, picture this. I had just taken off my shirt because I was changing for bed. I was holding Skor and when he shot out of my arms he gathered momentum by pushing off with his back feet. Which have claws on them. Sharp claws.

There are two rather deep "racing stripes" across the right side of my stomach and another two across the inside of my right forearm. There was blood. Not a lot but enough. There was pain. A whole boatload of pain!

Did I mention the pain?

This was slightly compounded by the fact that I am a stomach sleeper. I just can't get to sleep on my back or side. This caused even more problems.

It was just a BAD ending to a pretty good day!


Voice Update: I did talk yesterday but I didn't manage to squeeze in my hour of reading. To answer a question, I don't record myself reading right now. I did record myself when I was first getting my "normal" voice back so that my speech therapist could hear how I was doing. Now, I just read. It might be a good idea for me to record a session now and again for my "records" though. I will think about it. Okay - I did exercises but no reading. Today it will be "back on the horse!"


Mental P Mama said...

It's a good thing he's so cute;)

Chris H said...

Sorry you got scratched, Skor did not mean to hurt you!
I sleep on my tummy too...
Hope your scratches are feeling a bit better now.