Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Shhhh! The Boss is Here!

Hi All!

I need to be careful what I say today because "the boss" is sitting here closely observing my work.

Luckily, he nods off for a short nap now and again!

My walk this morning was lovely. The sky was overcast so I didn't get too heated by the sun and there was a brisk breeze.
Of course, here it seems like there is ALWAYS a brisk breeze. Sometimes it is so "brisk" that it makes it tough to walk! I guess that is Texas for you!

Anyway - my neighbors' tulips are in full bloom. They are quite lovely all in white. I tried to get a close up of one of the tulips but it was impossible this morning due to the wind! All of my pictures were blurry because the flower was being blown around!

Most of the daffodils along my route are now in decline. *sigh* It is sad but . . . I guess that is the way it goes!

The Bluebonnet patch is still doing really well. It seems like each day there are more and more blooms.

They are so pretty. I always have to stop for a minute and take the sight in.

You can tell from these pictures that the light was changing during the walk. The sun would peek out from behind a cloud (like in this picture) and then hide again (like in the last picture). It certainly makes taking pictures "interesting!"

This morning while walking I listened to my daily devotion podcast as usual and it really struck home. It was all about perseverance and how God uses obstacles in your life to bring you closer to him. It flashed in my mind that my SD is being used for just such a reason.
As I struggle to maintain my hard-won voice and to understand why I have to deal with this, I find myself turning to God and to scripture more and more.
I also believe that God is using my SD to teach me. Having SD has forced me out of my comfort zone many, many times. It has made me more helpful to others and more understanding of the various problems people have. I have also started my American Sign Language path and have met a wide variety of people while doing that. So much good from something which, at first, seemed to be nothing but bad.
God certainly does work in mysterious ways!
Today I will be heading to the ASL lab to record myself interpreting a cartoon called "Crawford the Cat Brushes His Teeth." It seemed like something fun and different to interpret. It isn't too hard either - which is always a good thing!
After that I will probably hit Wal Mart to do some grocery shopping. Doesn't that sound like fun? I think I will also look to see what their supply of shorts looks like. I might need some new ones this year. It never hurts to look, right?
Hope you have a fabulous day yourself!
P.S. I seem to be over the worst of my crankiness. This is probably because I am working on my voice and it is showing improvement. I do continue to have some anxiety about my voice but I am working on getting rid of that!
Voice Update: My voice is doing pretty well. It is getting stronger in some ways thanks to my reading out loud but those darned unvoiced consonants are continuing to be a hassle and a half! I am finding myself planning what I say so that I don't start sentences with words that give me problems. It isn't all bad though - it does force me to think before I talk!


Flea said...

I love that you're listening to God in this SD journey. :) And I love the bluebonnets!

Chris H said...

Skor sure looks comfy there.
Very pretty flowers!

Mental P Mama said...

What doesn't kill us...love that message in your devotional. So true...