Friday, April 2, 2010

He's Back!

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Hi All!

Well, he's back!

Yes, it is Mr. Timer!

Oh, how I have missed him. NOT!

For those of you who may not remember Mr. Timer, here is his story.

When I was still really struggling with my voice I was rather . . . intent (okay, obsessive) about my vocal exercises. Susan, my speech therapist, told me to them three or four times a day but that doing them more would only help. Enter Mr. Timer.

I decided that I would need something to remind me to do my exercises and I dug Mr. Timer out of my school stuff.
I set this "friend" for an hour and then went about my daily routine. Every time the timer went off, I stopped whatever I was doing and did my exercises. Then I reset the timer and continued doing whatever I was doing.

Every day, all day long I carried Mr. Timer around with me listening for that beep which meant that I needed to do my exercises. Every day. All the time. Imagine how "fun" that soon became!
However, I persisted and did this for well over a year as my voice gradually progressed.
When Susan finally told me that I could cut back on my exercises, Mr. Timer went into semi-retirement. I was still doing oral reading and so he helped me make sure I did the correct amount of reading each day.

Soon, I decided that Mr. Timer could totally retire. He was shoved into a drawer where I pretty much ignored him until his battery ran down and he "freaked out." Instead of taking Mr. time out of the drawer, replacing the battery and then using him, I yanked the battery out and shoved him back in the drawer.

He is such a tangible reminder of the "bad times" I have had with my voice.

Now it is time to bring out Mr. Timer and dust him off (and give him a fresh battery) so that he can help me with my exercises as I strive to fend off the vocal decline which appears to think it will take over.

Mr. Timer. I have such a love/hate relationship with him.


Voice Update: With the help of Mr. Timer, I read out loud for at least an hour and a half. I also managed to talk to the cats and myself for a long time as I puttered around the house. When Hubby came home we went walking and I talked most of that time too. This isn't to say that I didn't have my times of silence - I did. I took a nap and then read silently after Mr. Timer said I had read for an hour. Hubby said my voice seemed to be better! Yeah! It must work!


Elizabeth said...

Well, ......if he helps you!
Repetitive excercise is dull but maybe worth it!
Buster sends an Easter lick in your direction!

Chris H said...

If Mr Timer works.. then use him! He may be a pain in the butt... but if it keeps your voice strong... then so be it!