Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Final Lab Assignment

Hi All!

Well, it is Tuesday and, hopefully, I won't be stressing too much about class tomorrow. Yes, I still have some work I need to do for class but . . . I finished my FINAL lab assignment yesterday! YEAH!

Now all that needs to be finished is the group project, my journal entries (which are due tomorrow!) and the final test! I am in the real "home-stretch!"

In addition to finishing my assignment at lab yesterday, I also had a very enjoyable time talking to the lab assistants (there were no other students there at the time). Sometimes it still amazes me that I can hold an intelligent conversation in a totally different language! Sure, I can hold my own in Spanish but this is different - I am not using my voice at all! What a feeling!

After lab I headed to the Depot (Home Depot) to pick up some stuff for my gardening adventures. I had intended to pick up some mulch and some potting soil and maybe a plant. One plant!

I walked away with the mulch (check), the dirt (check), some fencing to hopefully save my Cone flowers from being eaten by rabbits (not on the list but . . . check), some "bumpers" to put on our kitchen cabinet (also not on the list AND the wrong size so they need to go back!), some seeds for a perennial flower (not on the list . . .), AND EIGHT plants! That is right - EIGHT!

I started with a Blanket flower. Last week I got one at the other nursery I visited and I had originally wanted to put it out front but then decided that I liked it out back so . . . I got another to put out front.

Then I moved on to some plants to go in the shady part of my back flowerbed where nothing seems to grow. I thought we might give them a try . . . that was two - or was it three - plants. Then I found some additional perennials which I just had to have! Some lavender to replace the plant which Hubby innocently killed with some help from too much shade. A butterfly plant - who can't want one of those to attract our winged friends? Then another plant which I don't know the name of but which looked neat. Somehow . . . the total came to EIGHT plants.

Now I really have some work to do!

I blame my mom - it is all her fault for making me feel like I can actually garden! My eyes are too big for my poor, blistered hands!

That back flowerbed is certainly going to have to expand a bit more this year!

Oh - in addition to that - I am going to have to move my Pin Cushion plant which is crowding my Balloon Flower.

Such is the life of a gardener!
Voice Update: Doing well and really "truckin'" through the Bible with the oral reading. I am averaging about ten chapters a day - depending on the length of the chapters - and I am now into Deuteronomy. I am continuing to notice some difficulties on my "favorite" difficult sounds - the word "two" and the hard "c" sound - but, using the exercises Susan gave me to over come them is helping. When I remember to do them!


Diane said...

Celebrating you being in the homestretch!
And laughing about your gardening dilemmas!

Flea said...

Ooo! I'm jealous! I love putting in baby plants. So far I've just been moving plants around the yard this year. And planting seeds.

Oh yeah - you won the book giveaway. :) Congratulations!

Coffee Bean said...

Congratulations on being in the home stretch! What an inspiration you are!

I seriously need to do something with our yards. OY.

Chris H said...

Yaaaa for the final lab assignment being done!
Would love to see your gardens!

Mental P Mama said...

Oh Balloon Flowers take over! And congrats on winning at Flea's!