Friday, April 16, 2010

Cause and Effect

Hi All!

Let's have a little cause and effect lesson today, okay?

Cause - yellow dust covering everything and swirling, unseen, in the air!

Effect - my new "Best Friend," eye drops to rinse the stuff out of my eyes to keep them from swelling shut and causing killer headaches!

This lesson on cause and effect was the reason I wasn't blogging yesterday. I was in bed trying to get rid of the headache that the drops didn't quite prevent. Well, I was between the bed and the bathroom where I was flushing my eyes with my "new best friend!"

Doesn't that sound like fun?


Voice Update: Still hanging in there. Yesterday wasn't as good as past days because I wasn't up and talking to myself like I normally am. I did do my hour of reading out loud and tried to pick up the speaking slack in the evening with Hubby (much to his dismay - he was trying to watch TV!). For my reading I have decided to start reading from the Bible. I have always wanted to read it all the way through and maybe this way I will actually get it done!


Linda said...

Hello from a fellow Texan. Sounds like allergies are very bad. Hope you get a handle on them very soon. We're hearing a lot about pollen these days.

Chris H said...

Wow that is a lot of nasty yellow dust.