Saturday, April 17, 2010

A "Love" Story

Hi All!

Well, it FINALLY rained a bit here last night/early this morning! Hopefully that will keep some of the pollen in check for a while. That would be SUCH a relief for my poor, itchy eyes!

BUT - that isn't the main story for today's post.

THAT story is an odd kind of love story.

Do you see these ducks? Every year two ducks - which I choose to believe are the same two ducks each year - show up between my house and the neighbors' house. It is here that these two "lovers" play out their whole courtship routine.

The routine is hard to describe but does involve a LOT of quacking and chasing around with periodic breaks during with both birds preen their feathers to look sharp for the next round of quacking and chasing.

Sometime in the middle of this entire routine, another element is introduced.

This duck.

As you can probably tell, this is another male duck bringing the duck count up to TWO males and one female.

This leads to quite an "interesting" change in the routine.

Yes, there is still a LOT of quacking and chasing but now the chasing includes both males chasing the female AND the first male chasing the second male. Also, the female gets "cornered" so to speak by BOTH males at different times all while quacking loudly to show her indignation about the entire situation.

Even thought it is a bit against the prudish inclination of the neighborhood, these ducks have a three-way relationship going on!



Voice Update: Doing okay - I noticed a bit of trouble with words starting with the hard C sound yesterday. I don't know if that is only because I didn't do a lot of work on Thursday or what. I did my reading and am having a good time reading my way through the Bible - I am only in the beginning of Exodus though!


noble pig said...

Yep, I would say they are a mating pair.

Linda said...

That is the best duck story I've heard! Very interesting.

I don't know much about your diagnosis. Do you have what Diane Rehm on NPR and Robert Kennedy Jr. have?

On this Bible reading, you might want to think more about that. You should do fine in Exodus but you're in for some boring times in Numbers and Leviticus.

Have a good week-end in Texas.

Chris H said...

How cute, and entertaining for you.

Mental P Mama said...

LOL...ducks imprint their original homes for generations. There was probably a wetlands there at some point. I love ducks! We had a pair who came to our pool!

Anonymous said...

"the duck count"... You crack me up, Trisha.