Friday, April 23, 2010

Some Creatures from a "Different World"

Hi All!

It is very lovely in my neck of the woods today - cool and rainy. Hopefully, it will rain a bit more (it rained some during the night but not too much) so that we don't have to water our outside plants for a couple days.

Today I thought I would start off by showing you some pictures my mother took at their farm.

First up is the Guinea Hen. Well, to be more accurate, I should admit that I am not certain if this is a hen or a rooster (or whatever they call a male Guinea) but I think it is a hen.

This thing is NOISY and MESSY! In times past there were more than one of these critters on the farm but, for some reason, this is the only one left at the moment. She runs around the farm and squawks whenever she feels threatened. She also roots in the covered front porch and makes quite a mess.

Next up is a new addition to the farm family, Blue Boy. Blue Boy, known as Blue, was my Uncle Ken's birthday present. So far, I am told that Blue is adjusting to the farm really well. He is part (or all) Blue Heeler and is apparently quite intelligent.
All I know for sure is that he rides on the Gator with Uncle Ken and doesn't chase the goats. That is all good! I am sure that my dad will be teaching Blue some tricks soon. I can't wait to meet this cutie pie in person!
That is it for creatures from the farm. I just thought you might enjoy seeing them today.
As for my life . . . pretty boring lately. I am a bit under the weather for some reason (and looking back at my past posts, it seems I am sick quite a bit - what is up with that??) and am spending a lot of time napping in an attempt to provide my body time and opportunity to kick whatever bad germs out of the area!
I do have a question. This morning while getting Hubby's lunch box ready for today's lunch, I found his tire pressure gauge in the box. Do you think that is a bit odd? I know I do! I asked Hubby and he said that he took it to work in case someone wanted to check their tires for Earth Day. Huh. That sounds like a totally made up story to me! It was just strange to find that particular item in his lunch box!
Okay - I think that is about it for today. Looking at what I have written I can tell that I am sort of rambling so it might be best to just cut things off at this point.
Oh! I can't forget to tell you that I recently discovered Ronnie Milsap's podcast and his "new" album of gospel classics. Both are so enjoyable even though I have never really been a Ronnie Milsap fan - in fact, I wasn't exactly sure who he was until I checked out his picture on his album on iTunes!
However, if you like gospel music and/or Ronnie Milsap - I would highly recommend his album "Then Sings My Soup - 24 Favorite Hymns and Gospel Songs." Check it out!
Voice Update: Still hanging in there. My neck is a bit more crunchy than I would like it to be but . . .I am also having some kind of sneezing fit in the evenings (the past three anyway) which isn't doing any favors to my throat. Yesterday I didn't read out loud but I did talk to Mom on the phone so I "sort of" did my talking time. Sort of! I know! I need to get myself back to reading out loud and doing my exercises properly. Besides, I am in the middle of Leviticus and I can't just stop reading there . . . it wouldn't be right!

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Chris H said...

I am told Blue Heelers are very intelligent and highly trainable! They originate from Australia I think?