Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Therapy Chickens????

Hi All!

Today is day two of my positive attitude to oust the "funk." So far I have the funk on the ropes but haven't quite given it the TKO yet. Maybe today will be the day that it will turn tail and run for the hills!

This morning, in contrast to yesterday's chilly 58 degrees, it is a very humid 74 degrees. Is it any wonder that lots of people in Texas have colds on top of their seasonal allergies?

Despite the steamy morning, I actually made it out to walk this morning and - after I got started - it wasn't TOO bad. At least I managed to sweat those nasty toxins (or that negative attitude) out! I listened to my devotional podcast and the Bible in a year podcast (back to the Psalms today with a really, really young reader who did a fine job) and then switched to the NPR show "Wait, Wait - Don't Tell Me!"

For those of you who have never heard this show, Wait, Wait is a game show which uses items (real and imagined) from the news as questions. There is a panel of people on the show - normally comedians or humorists - who "help" callers find out the correct answers and who also add their own humorous touches to the game. Throughout the game, the panelists are asked bizarre questions from the news.

The question which stood out for me this morning was the one asking about what kind of animal a woman is trying to make into therapy animals. CHICKENS!


The woman's reasoning is that many older Americans grew up with chicken and so holding chickens takes them back to happier days of their youth.


What will they think of next?

Okay - class update. Did you make a prediction as to if Frick and Frack had their part of the list completed? If you guessed that the answer would be NO - you would be correct. Frick knew about it and assured us that she would be spending all day Friday working on it - she has taken the day off of work to focus on the task. Then she added "If not on Friday, definitely on Sunday!"

Frack claimed to not know about the division of labor at all. To his credit - he might be correct. At the beginning of the class he was late, left early, was busy talking, a lot of the time and he certainly could have missed our conversation. He did make notes about which section he is in charge of and pledged that he would work on it and get it completed as soon as possible.

Should I believe him?

I did give both Frick and Frack my portion of the work. Another student, K, was upset that I did that. She said that she wasn't going to give them anything until they gave her their section. I told her that even with my section of the work, they wouldn't benefit from it unless they take the time to study so . . . I didn't mind giving it to them.

Trying to spread the love.


Voice Update: Doing well. I got a short massage yesterday from Susan while I was working, which was very nice. I work again today since L is feeling a bit worn out from a weekend of illness. Fun, fun!


Elizabeth said...

I think chickens are all the rage lately.
My friend Lori wwwjarvishouse.blogspot.com
found a cool old book about chickens and posted about it today.
My fried Bee beedrunken.blogspot.com also posted about them

Now I want chickens but I can't have them in the city!
Best wishes

noble pig said...

I froze on my walk this morning, about 35 degrees...brrrr.