Wednesday, October 21, 2009

" . . . I'm Just Walkin' in the Rain . . ."

Hi All!

Happy Wednesday! Halfway through another week!

As you may have surmised due to the title of this post . . . it is raining in my neck of the woods this morning! Nothing too heavy - just a nice heavy drizzle. According to predictions, it is supposed to rain about three inches today. Which makes sense since it ALWAYS rains the day after we have Terminex out to treat the outside of our house!

What makes the rain even more fun is that I don't HAVE to do anything today! That is right! It is a FREE day! No work - no class - no hassle!

Well, okay. To be honest, there IS some stuff that I HAVE to do - like laundry (Hubby is down to his last pair of skivvies!) and dishes (the pans have ALL been used and are waiting to be cleaned up) and studying for midterms (which shouldn't be too bad since I have been studying all along!). But - other than those things . . . nothing! Maybe I will manage to snatch a nap during a nice, heavy rain shower! That sounds like heaven to me!

Speaking of midterms, listen to this. Frick and Frack were in rare form in class on Monday. Frack started things off by telling me before class started (we were the only two in the room at the time) that he thought we should all just cover our mouths so Henry, the teacher, can't see us talk and "share answers" during the test!

Say what?????

I told him that I wouldn't cheat and didn't think most of the other students would either (mentally I am not sure about Frick but . . .)! He then proceeded to tell me that it wouldn't be cheating - just "using all of his resources."

He is delusional! I talked to him for a while (okay, it might have been a lecture) and basically told him that he needed to wake up and do the work. I don't think he was too happy with me!

Then class started and Henry was telling us what was up with the midterm. This is when Frick started in. Now, you should know that she has been sick for the past couple of weeks so we can give her a little (and I do mean a LITTLE!) slack. However, Frick managed to rocket right past any slack I am willing to give when she blatantly stated that she hasn't done ANY of the required reading for the midterm. We have known about this since day one of class and . . . it is ten chapters!!!

After a bit of discussion with Henry and Frack, Frick turns to me and asks me - in all seriousness - if I thought she should stop working on the ASL bible (the list of linguistic terms we have to define and understand) to start reading. Hmmm. Let me think about that . . . YES YOU NEED TO READ THE BOOK!

Henry has told us several times this semester that most of the midterm will be from the book. READ THE BOOK!

Good luck with getting all ten chapters read in a week - they are not "fluff" chapters - they are filled with information you need to know!

I feel so darn old!


Voice Update: Still going pretty strong after working yesterday. I did make sure that I took my break to massage and do exercises. I am TRYING to be good!

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noble pig said...

I skipped my walk because of the rain...bad me.