Monday, October 19, 2009


Hi All!

If you live in a small town or a medium sized city - or even a large city - you know that there is always a festival or fair. When I was young, the fair was called Home Days. The neighboring town had Fair on The Square. These festivals had all the trappings - food, games, maybe a ride or two, a beauty contest and lots of wandering around.

Well, my current town has a fair/festival every year as well. Last year was the first year that the fair took place in its current persona - Pirate Days!

While the planners of the event will tell you that the theme was chosen because possibly, just maybe, some of Blackbeard's pirates could have, possibly made their way into our area to avoid being caught by the law, I personally think they just decided that pirates were fun and went with it. After all, the lake I live by is man-made. No pirates were sailing on that puppy!

Anyway - Pirate Days was this weekend so I decided to walk down yesterday after church to have a "junk food" lunch. Hubby, who really doesn't enjoy small town fairs, stayed home to clean the fish tank. Who got the better end of that deal??

The walk from my house is a bit over a mile along nice, shady sidewalks. The weather was beautiful - blue skies, a slight breeze and sun.

I knew I was going the right direction!

Before getting there I had to actually enter the park. Walking is better and cheaper than driving!

At last! I can see the fair! The flags from the tops of the tents are new this year!

The sun created some shadow problems for my poor camera - which, unbeknownst to me, was still in twilight mode! Oops!

There was a bluegrass band playing while I was there. They were from a neighboring town and were very good. The couple sitting on the hay bale are neighbors of mine. You can't see it but they have two dogs with them both dressed as pirates! There is a dog costume contest each year at the fair!
I am not certain that pirates really listened to bluegrass music but couldn't think of what other kind of music they would listen to!

There was a fun area for kids to play in. The bounce house looked like a pirate ship! The yellow and black things are for laser tag - to hide behind while you shoot other people. There is a slide with a treasure chest on the top too - fun!
I didn't get any pictures of the many pirates roaming around. Some were residents dressed in their make-shift pirate best while others were re-enactors who had some really, really nice costumes. There are no pictures because last year some of the pirates wanted money for you to take their pictures. I wasn't doing that!
While at Pirate Days I had a BBQ brisket sandwich (which wasn't that good) and an AWESOME funnel cake! The funnel cake was so large that I couldn't finish it all! Part of the reason I didn't finish this scrumptious thing is probably because the sandwich wasn't playing nice with my tummy. Oh well! I did enjoy the funnel cake even though I couldn't manage to stay upwind from the powdered sugar!
Small town festivals - you just gotta love 'em!
Voice Update: Doing really well. I have done my massage and some exercises this weekend. I should do more exercises but . . .I am being bad! I think the studying thing makes me forget the exercises. Not a good excuse!


Mental P Mama said...

That looks like it was a ball!

Chris H said...

There doesn't seem to be many people at that fair? At fairs here you can't move for people everywhere!

noble pig said...

I'm sure pirates would love funnel cake.