Thursday, October 29, 2009


Hi All!

Remember yesterday's post when I talked about how the week is going? Well . . . all I can say about yesterday is . . . really?!?!

Okay - first of all, I was feeling foggy because of the headache the night before. I got up, got dressed, and was getting things ready for work and class.

That is where things continued to head in a downward motion.

I heated up a pre-cooked entree from Hormel (the pot roast which is actually pretty darn yummy) and cooked up some hash browns to make my sandwich wrap for between work and class. So far, so good. Then I got the roast beef out of the microwave and carefully transferred it to the storage container making sure not to get any "gook" on my shirt (this has happened in the past and frustrates me!). I then started cutting the roast. Wrong!

As I was cutting the fifth or sixth slice, the knife slipped causing the gravy - of which there seems to be a disproportionate amount - to slop over the edge of the storage container and onto the counter . . . and floor. I checked my shirt. Clean. Whew! Disaster averted. I cleaned the counter and floor and continued to construct my wrap.

Lettuce with just a bit of salad dressing - being cautious because the dressing has been known to "jump out" and stain my shirt also. Done without incident. Place the potatoes on the lettuce. Check. Slices of roast. Yep. A little shredded cheese. Uh-huh. Okay - wrap the thing and put in plastic wrap. Yeah! Mission accomplished!

Now I carefully put the extra food into the fridge - again making sure not to mess up my shirt. Good!

Now I take the plate of potatoes and roast I am eating for lunch and add some carrots. Sit at the table and realize I need some water. Get up for the water and . . . . see gravy splashed all down the leg of my pants. Yep. Knee to hem. Nice brown, greasy gravy!


Okay - not panicking . . . I grab a clean dishcloth and begin damage control. I even throw in some Tide-to-Go. After about ten minutes of work . . . everything looks pretty darn good. Disaster averted!

I got to work and through the day - and the speech appointment - with little trouble. My neck was really tight due to the headache the previous day and Susan really worked on it but she said my voice was still doing really well. Yeah!

Then to class.

Actually, not too bad of a class but . . . there were only three of the seven people there! Because so many people were out, Henry decided not to give the tests back! I still don't know how I did!

At least we got out of class early so I could get home and eat at a decent hour and then get to bed before midnight. Of course I didn't sleep too well but, that is the start of a whole different story which is still unfolding. So far it isn't too bad - keep your fingers crossed!


Voice Update: I pretty much said it all already but . . . I am happy that I am doing well. I need to work on that darn tight neck!

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