Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Great Hair Debate

Hi All!

Yesterday was a busy but fun day for me. I went to the DAC (the Deaf Action Center for those of you who are new here) and spent time chatting with the seniors there. They are such interesting people and it is a good way for me to practice my ASL skills.

I also spent some time talking to the DAC's interpreter coordinator about finding some interpreters that I can watch for a class assignment. It was interesting talking to her about what she does. While I was talking with her, one of her interpreters came in and I got a chance to chat with her as well.

When I was done there, I was leaving the complex when the DAC bus came in with the seniors who had gone to Kroger's shopping. I got to see them all again! One of my friends, a lovely lady, invited me to see her apartment. We went and chatted for a while before I had to go home. It was a good day at the DAC!

After the DAC it was haircut time.

Now, ya'll haven't known me that long but, my hair has always been a point of lots of discussion in my family. My mother and I have different kinds of hair - mine is THICK and hers is fine. Because of this difference, Mom likes "playing" with my hair - seeing it cut in different styles. My hair grows rather quickly so . . . it isn't too tough to get my hair into different styles in a pretty short time frame.

However, due to the thickness of my hair and my total lack of desire to "mess" with my hair (that means curling irons, hair product, etc.), my hairstyles need to be simple to take care of. Also, the thickness can lead to problems.

For example, it takes FOREVER for my hair to dry when it is longer. My arms can't stand holding a blow-dryer long enough (we are talking close to half an hour or more) to get everything dry. Also, my hair acts like an insulator on my neck when it is long and traps heat in - lots of heat. Imaging walking around in the 100 degree Texas weather with a rug on your neck and that is pretty much what it feels like!

Anyway - despite all my "issues" with my hair . . . I like to "shake things up" and change hairstyles frequently. Currently, I am in the "let it grow" mode. Since my hair was VERY short - this will take me through a variety of styles in the next several months.

I can't decide how I like my hair best. So - I thought I would show you some pictures and maybe you could help me out. What hairstyle do you like best?

Voice Update: Still doing really well. I even threw in a few massages yesterday while at stop lights. Not having to talk for most of the day didn't hurt either!


Mental P Mama said...

What a beautiful bride! I love that Summer bouquet! And I like the pageboy one the best;) Very flattering to your face!

Flea said...

I think I like the second one the best. :) Not too short, not too long, a nice cut to frame your face.

Diane said...

I like the second picture best too! Very pretty!

Betharino said...

Are the bottom two a before-and-after? Or do you just wear the same shirt every time you go to take a picture of your hair?

And I like the last one best. It seems the most like your personality, in my opinion...