Thursday, October 22, 2009

Drip . . .Drip . . . Drip . . .

Hi All!

Well, it is another rainy day! I woke to the sound of HEAVY showers on the roof and decided that it would be the perfect day to sleep in so . . . I did! So much for my walk today!

Oh well!

Yesterday turned out much different than I thought it would. While I was IMing Mom, my friend, Tricia, called and asked if I would like to study with her today. Of course, I can never resist the chance to spend some time with one of my ASL friends so . . . I said "sure!"

Then, before she came, I hustled to throw a load of laundry in, took a shower, and washed the stack of pots and pans which were threatening to take over my kitchen. Then I started the wrack my brain for ideas of what to make for lunch for the two of us. I like to make lunch whenever Tricia comes to study - it is fun for me to cook and she always enjoys the meal since she doesn't have to cook it!

Well, I decided to make home-made chicken pot-pie. This meant getting chicken thawed from the freezer and making the pie crust. Then I had to figure out what do do about my lack of chicken stock - which should be the base of the gravy in the pot-pie.

I got everything worked out and got the pot-pie in the oven just a bit after Tricia showed up and it worked out very good. In fact, I have a piece in the fridge for lunch today. No - we are not pigs - I made a SMALL pot-pie, not a traditional "pie" sized one!

Anyway - Tricia ended up staying until dinner time so my idea of a nap didn't come to fruition! Rats! I enjoy my naps!

I guess it was worth it though!

Did I mention that it rained ALL day yesterday? We got just over three inches of rain between yesterday and last night. It is still drizzling right now and it is supposed to get COLD here today - in the 50s!!!!

This morning, when I woke up I discovered that it was not only dripping outside but inside as well! I got up to feed the annoying cats who were climbing all over me while I was trying to sleep and got a surprise when I splashed into a pretty sizable puddle of water right outside the laundry room door!

At first I thought that Skor had put his string in the water fountain again. When he does that the string manages to wick the water out of the fountain and onto the floor. However - the string was no where in sight. Hmmm....

Then I realized what had happened.

Hubby had told me last night that he thought one of our water bottles for our water cooler was leaking. He put it in front of the water cooler on a towel so that we would use it next and hopefully take care of the leaking problem.

Well . . . during the night that bottle leaked enough to get the towel (a full bath-sized towel) soaked AND to spread water across the tile floor in a nice puddle an inch or so deep! Luckily, it didn't spread so far that it ruined anything but . . . stepping in it in bare feet in the morning isn't my idea of a joy-ride!

Anyway, I cleaned up the water, put the bottle in the sink to leak its little heart out, and put the drenched towels in the washer until we can get them taken care of.

What a fun morning! I can't wait to see how work goes today!


Voice Update: Doing well. I didn't' do as much massage yesterday as I would have liked because I was busy talking and working with Tricia. I guess it is back to the grind today then!

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Mental P Mama said...

You are one busy lady! No wonder you need a nap with all that noise;)