Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Funk Fighting

Hi All!

Happy Wednesday! We have all made it to the middle of another week! YEAH!

Is my positive (and slightly wacky) attitude bothering you yet? No? Good!

I am happy to say that the positive mental attitude (PMA) is really doing a number on that nasty old funk that has been hanging around for so long. Currently the funk is hanging on by the tips of its teeny fingernails. I have confidence that soon it will loose its tenuous grip and will be banished!

Of course, there is always the danger that it will reappear.

While it is fighting for its life, the funk is throwing everything it has at me. My back is hurting despite all of the stretches I have done this morning. The temperature this morning was back to a chilly 58 (not nearly as chilly as the temps that Nobel Pig has to walk in though!). I had to duel with a headache yesterday at work along with some very "interesting" phone calls to the insurance companies. No one else in class has emailed their sections of the list we divided up. And . . . the lowest blow of all - I am getting a nice crop of zits on my face.

That is right - a CROP. Not one or two but several. *sigh* Oh well - that nasty funk can keep trying but . . . it WILL NOT win! I am too positive for that!

I am reading a new book - well, new to me anyway! It is called Dying for Chocolate and is a mystery/thriller/cookbook from Dianne Mott Davidson. I will review the book on my blog in a while but in the meantime, I am savoring each page! What makes this (the reading of a new book) so special that I put it in my blog is the fact that while in the deepest depths of the funk I was unable to read at all. Now I am started on my fourth book in a week! Yeah!

Today I don't have to work and have absolutely NOTHING planned until my class later tonight. Well, I take that back. I do plan on going up to the college a bit early to work on an assignment with some friends from class (NOT Frick and Frack even though I am doing MUCH better about loving them). However, the idea of a day stretching out in front of me with so much unstructured time is thrilling. My mind is racing with ideas of things to do.

There is some sewing I could do. There is always reading. The piano has been calling my name lately. The kitties can always handle some extra play time. Some tidying around the house wouldn't hurt. Some extra time spent on classwork could be a good idea. A nap always (I mean ALWAYS) sounds good.

Now my only problem is . . . how to choose what to do?


Voice Update: Well . . . the jury is out for a bit until I get talking today. While at work my voice seemed to be doing really well. Then I noticed last night while reading our devotional that I was really struggling with those darn unvoiced consonants as well as the hard ts. In fact, there was one word - darn . . . can't remember it now - which I had a tough time getting out at all! I guess I need to add intense vocal exercises to my list of thing to do today!

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Chris H said...

I would choose the nap!