Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday is for the Birds!

Hi All!

One of the things that has always fascinated me about living where I live is that there are HUGE flocks of birds in the Fall, Winter, and Spring. I guess we are where some northern birds migrate to in order to stay warmer!

This rather poor picture was taken one evening around dusk . It shows a flock of grackles. I was pretty far away and had my camera zoomed out but I could only capture about half of the flock at a time.

It still amazes me. There was another flock of at least this many birds occupying the trees in the shopping center parking lot and another across the road in the Wal Mart packing lot. AND when we drove by CiCi's pizza, there were birds lining the roof of the building - which is a big shopping strip building!

Anyway - today I am off to the DAC and then am going to get my hair cut. I think I might start letting my hair grow a bit into a different style. It is so hard to think of a different style . . . we will see what happens!

Have a super Friday!


Voice Update: Doing well even after working yesterday. Of course, it was slow at work yesterday so I didn't have a lot of telephone calls to do. Not hard on the voice!

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