Friday, October 16, 2009

A Chilly Day

Hi All!

It is chilly this morning in my neck of the woods! Of course, chilly for us is in the low 50s! I know that there are places which are WAY more than chilly at this point in the year.

While walking (yes, I did walk in the chilly weather!), I noticed that many of the trees which normally bloom in the Spring were blooming again. Magnolias had creamy white blooms and some flowering shrubs were sprouting cool, purple blooms. What is up with that? Has our roller coaster weather tricked these things into thinking it is Spring again?

Anyway - it was quite a contrast to see beautiful blossoms next to kiddos biking to school in heavy coats with their hoods up!

This chilly weather just makes me want to follow the lead of my kitties . . .

They know that chilly weather is good for snuggling up someplace warm! Or - snuggle up with a buddy!
Have a good day!

Voice Update: Doing well. That is all I feel like saying today!

1 comment:

noble pig said...

Love the buddy snuggle!