Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday With a Side of Rain

Hi All!

Well, we all made it to Friday! Yeah! I must admit that my positive attitude is slipping just a bit. I think the final straw(s) were the canker sores (2 big ones in the front of my mouth which make smiling actually hurt) and a sore heel (a weird pain on the bottom of my left heel which makes walking nearly excruciating!).

Of course the fact that my voice is currently REFUSING to say the word prayer (at the beginning of a sentence only) and the word two (anywhere in a sentence) is adding a bit to my frustration. AND the fact that Hubby finds this voice situation funny. He actually chuckled (correction - he told me it wasn't chuckling . . . it was chortling) when I got stuck on the word prayer while reading our devotional last night. What a guy!

On a positive note . . . it is raining here at the moment! Over night it rained almost three inches! I woke throughout the night to that wonderful sound of rain on the roof! I absolutely adore rain!

Walking in the rain with heel pain . . . not "diggin' it" too much.

But rain in general . . . LOVE it! Somehow it makes everything seem okay - no matter what is going on in my life. Does it actually fix anything . . . well, no, but, it makes everything SEEM okay for a while!

Soon I will be heading off to the Deaf Action Center to visit my friends there. Then I will be trying to find an appropriate wedding shower gift for my friend Chelle from school. Her shower is Sunday and I haven't even started looking for her gift yet! Yikes!

I just hope it keeps raining all day!


Voice Update: Well, I told you about the two words which I can't say. I sort of feel like a voice failure at the moment. I am working on stuff but it just isn't "clicking." *sigh*


noble pig said...

3 inches over night? Wow, that's quite the storm.

Mental P Mama said...

I would love a whole day of rain. And my books. And tea. Okay, thanks.