Monday, October 5, 2009

"D" Day!

Hi All!

While not totally out of my funk yet (this one seems to be hanging on for dear life!), I am determined to get rid of it by thinking positively and keeping busy. Wish me luck.

As part of that effort, I have started today off by jumping out of bed (okay - rolling out of bed after the alarm went off for the second snooze!), making lunch for Hubby (which showed me that we are almost out of peanut butter and I just went to the grocery store yesterday!), and sprinted (do you believe THAT??) out the door for my walk. The weather was a chilly (for Texas) 58 degrees and that meant that in my shorts and t-shirt I was walking quickly to warm up.

While walking I listened to my daily devotional - which interestingly dovetailed nicely with the devotionals that Hubby and I are reading each night AND with the sermon at church yesterday - and my daily dose of bible verses - 2 Timothy even though we haven't heard 1 Timothy OR finished the Psalms. What is up with that??

After my religious fix, I listened to something a bit more "secular-" the Grey's Anatomy Podcast. To get myself oriented again, I listened to the podcast about the end of last season. I plan on listening to the podcast about the start of this season next. Probably tomorrow.

I took a quick tour of my garden to see if it needed watering. It didn't thanks to the inch and a half of rain we got over the weekend and the cool temperatures. Then it was inside to work on some stuff for class that I SHOULD have done this weekend.

Why didn't I? Well, I am finally interested in reading again and so I was reading this weekend. I think the reading is going to help yank me out of my funk soon!

Anyway - the class stuff is what the title of this post refers to. "D" Day! No - not the day the war ended but, rather, the day some group work is DUE in class.

We have a long list of linguistic terms which we need to research and understand for our various tests this semester. As a class we decided to divide and conquer the list. Each of us has five or six words to research. Then we are sharing our research with the others in class. Sounds good, doesn't it?

I came in from walking and hit the computer to make sure that the words I am responsible for are in good shape. I printed out copies for the people in class. I have been working on these words for a good three to four weeks - they are complex in meaning! Now, they are ready to be given to the other people in class.

I am just wondering if Frick and Frack will have their words ready.

Is that not being loving? I am working on loving them like we are told to love everyone. An important clarification was in our devotional last night. God tells us to love our enemies. He doesn't tell us to LIKE them. That helps a lot!

I will keep you updated!


Voice Update: Well - it is sounding pretty good but I am having a tough time keeping my throat loose. Maybe it will get easier as my funk lifts!


imbeingheldhostage said...

huh? What? Grey's Anatomy has podcasts?

I'm very impressed you were able to sprint to your walk-- when I am dragging, sprinting isn't anywhere on my menu. You've got a great and inspiring attitude, that funk doesn't stand a chance.

Mental P Mama said...

You know, I heard about a woman who began to send loving and healing thoughts out to everyone she encountered, and it turned her life around...Have a wonderful day. I am sending Frick and Frack some love for you;)

Chris H said...

I don't listen to anything while I walk! Maybe I should listen to my music on my Ipod! Now there's an idea.