Friday, October 31, 2008

Finally Friday!

Hi All!

Is it just me or has this week been especially rocky for everyone?

Today I take Skor in for his re-eval. at the vet. I hope he gets the darn collar off. I am really tired of having to clean litter and other "lovely" stuff off and out of it (the stuff gets stuck between the two layers of the collar where the cone overlaps - fun, huh?). His back foot is still not looking too pretty but it is a bit better. I am sure that Skor will enjoy going to the vet's again - he liked it so much the first time!

Lately I have been waking up feeling like the proverbial truck had run me over during the night. I am not exactly sure what is going on but when I look in the mirror - I look like that truck has left some tire tracks on my face! Seriously, it is scary! I know my sleep was interrupted last night by my kitty . . . Miss Cleo (thought it would be Skor again, didn't you??) pulling the food dishes off of the counter in the laundry room and trying to get into them. The food dishes are sealed in a zip lock because, for some odd reason, Miss Cleo will NOT eat food that is not fresh. Picky little thing!

Anyway - she had pulled the zip lock off the counter onto the floor (thank goodness both bowls are Pyrex and pretty sturdy) and was contemplating how to get into the bag. Hearing the sound of Pyrex hitting the floor woke me up and so I had to go investigate. You would think that we are starving the poor kitty!

Am I rambling yet?

After I take Skor to the vet I will jet over to the college and go to the ASL lab for a couple hours of practice. I am not really sure why in the world I am doing this because I have pretty much decided that sign language isn't for me thanks to the "helpful" criticism I get in class from my teacher. The only reason I am not bailing on the class now instead of finishing out the semester is that I have a project with a woman in class. There used to be three of us in the class but now there are only two (her and me). If I left she would be in a real lurch so . . . I am going to stick it out. But - I am thinking that since I don't foresee a future in ASL, why bother trying to get a good grade in the class (like that is even a distant possibility with the way things have been going in class for me!)? I can pretty much coast on everything except the project with this woman (who is FABULOUS by the way!) and let that be that.

Wait- does that sound too negative? I have really been working on my negativity since getting kicked out of the support group!

Okay - I am done wasting your time for the day! I will try to be a bit more "up" tomorrow. I am off to clean up and get dressed for the day ahead.


Voice Update: It is doing pretty well. Skor helped me out this morning by standing on my neck and massaging it this morning at about 6:00A.M. Do you think that is the kind of massage Susan wants me to do?


Flea said...

LOL!! You make me laugh! Don't give up on your ASL class and let your grumpy teacher win. That would just be wrong. Learn as much as you can! Enjoy it!

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Hi Trisha, i think everybody loves Friday... :) enjoy the weekend...