Thursday, October 30, 2008

Website Woes

Hi All!

After having a private discussion with both Bearsy and Funny, neither will be gracing my blog for a while. Well, until they have decided to be a bit more "mature" about their additions to the blog anyway. As to some of the questions asked in the comments . . . Bearsy says "Yes, where did you think they did it? The rest stops along the highway?" and Funny says "That is a myth - it is just that we look alike and don't take our "business" to hotel rooms. Humans see us . . . . um . . . enjoying the great outdoors with our mates and they think that is all we ever do. It isn't our fault that we can have a zillion babies at once!"

Okay - that is done.

I am looking for places which host websites for free or for very little money. Why, you may ask? I am starting a website for the SD support group Lori and began. No - NOT the one which Lori and I got banned from (I still can't believe that I got banned from a support group . . . . grumble, mumble, grumble . . . )! We would like to have a website for the group but, as the group is totally non-profit and basically has no money, we need a place to host the thing which is cheap. I have been searching online and have found many hosts which claim to be free but the fine print usually says something like this:
30 day free trial. At the end of thirty days you will be charged no less than approximately $6.00 a month but you could be charged up to $25 a month is your website is too popular, takes up too much space, or if we just feel like charging you that much money. In addition to charging you for the honor of hosting your site, we may also decide to plaster advertising on your site which may or may not have anything to do with your site's content. You really have no say in what we do with the advertising if you want keep your website with us. Oh - and just try to take your website somewhere else. Go on! We dare you!

Yikes! I guess I keep looking. Do any of you have any ideas? Also, I need to find a new place to park my podcasts - which I do plan on continuing once I find a place? Of course, I am looking for a free place. I am just too darn cheap to pay for this stuff! Especially when I am not working!

That is pretty much all I have for today. I have a killer headache building and am getting off the computer now to hopefully prevent it from becoming a migraine!


Voice Update: Speech was yesterday and, surprisingly, Susan said that my throat was pretty loose! I had just finished telling her about the stresses of Skor (a.k.a. conehead for at least another 24 hours), ASL class and all of that. It was amazing that my throat wasn't locked up tight like a vice. Good news, huh? I get to continue my massage and exercises but Susan said things were going well! YEAH!


Mental P Mama said...

I got nothing for you regarding websites. I am tech-challenged to the hilt. And feel better...headache be banned.

Chris H said...

Good luck with the websites! Hope your headache didn't get any worse.

noble pig said... their economy quick blogcast, I think it's $53 a year. It's super user-friendly.

Arwyn Y. said...

I'm currently the owner of some free web space that is not being used. If you'd like, I can pitch in and help. I can set up a subdomain and have a name point to that, as I've done that in the past.