Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Hi All!

Sorry this post is late today but I actually got the chance to sleep in so I took full advantage of it! Yes, I didn't walk with C today because she is getting over a cold. No, I didn't IM with my mother today because she and my father left for their farm early in order to take my Uncle Ken to a dentist appointment. So . . . I could sleep in!

Sleeping in means that I was not at the computer at my normal time and I didn't get my blog up at its usual time. In some ways, that is good because at the moment I am going through a "down" time in which it seems like everything in my life is falling apart. Getting extra rest helps and also, I don't really have much of an idea for what to blog about today.

Not that that will keep me from blogging and just rambling on and on and on . . .

I just finished up a paper for my ASL class and, I hope, it is good. I think it is but it seems like nothing I think is good is considered good by the teacher. *sigh* Oh well! It is done and so I won't lose points for it being late. THAT is always good.

It is freezing here! Okay, for all of you who live in areas of the country where the temperature actually does go down to freezing and below, forgive me! It is not actually freezing - it is just much colder than normal. It is about 60 degrees out right now (I know, I know, NOT freezing!) and I actually have on jeans and a long sleeved shirt instead of my normal shorts and t-shirt. I guess I should have been careful what I wished for a while ago when I complained about it still being hot in Texas! Oops!

The company I am working with to get my SD logo made into a car magnet sent me a proof of the artwork. It is nice. They also offer t-shirt with the same logo on them for only $4 each. I am tempted but, I just don't know if I will get my money back on the magnets, let alone shirts! Besides, my brother has a shirt making thing and I could probably get them for less with him - or at least it would be good to give him my business! We will see how everything goes. I still don't have the prices from the magnet company to look at. I will hopefully get them in the mail soon.

Speaking of my brother, I talked to him this morning and he looked at my podcast site and told me that podcastspot is closing down. I haven't done a podcast for several months (I know, bring out the wet noodles) and haven't been on the site for a while. I guess I now need to find another free host for my podcast! Not the kind of fun I am looking for! Anyone have any suggestions?

Did I tell you that I decided to have Thanksgiving at my house? It will be Hubby and me along with my parents and possibly Uncle Ken. My brother, his wife and their two kiddos will also be coming down from Oklahoma. Yikes! What have I gotten myself into?

I hope you are having a good day and that your minds are not as scattered as mine is!


Voice Update: Speech tomorrow and I have been so preoccupied with little "conehead" a.k.a. Skor that I haven't been doing my exercises or massage like I should have been. Darn it! My voice is good - just missing a few of those pesky consonants but - who needs them anyway?

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Mental P Mama said...

I think my mind is actually more scattered than yours! Start baking!