Friday, October 10, 2008

Skor's A Lucky Kitty!

Hi All!

First, let me tell you that Skor is one lucky kitty. He must have figured out that I wasn't too happy with the early morning play call. Last night he slept on his night stand (it is no longer mine!) and didn't move until about 6:00 A.M. this morning. Okay - he might have moved all night long but - he didn't bother me so, that is good!

Since he didn't bother me last night and left me sleep, he gets to survive another day! Lucky kitty!

Mental Mamma wanted to know why we got Skor. Here is the scoop. When Hubby and I first discussed getting a cat I had no prior experience with cats except for the ones that scratch and bite. Hubby convinced me to try cats by agreeing to find a cat that was very docile. To ensure that trait, he did some searching online and found the Ragamuffin breed. Ragamuffins are bred to be big fluffy wimps. They are docile and have great personalities. So - we decided to get one.

After some more searching online, Hubby came across a Ragamuffin breeder who had an ADORABLE little kitty for sale named Q-Tip. This little guy was so darn cute that we just had to get him. From Florida. He flew cargo to Texas and Hubby picked him up at the airport.

We later found out that Q-Tip wasn't pure Ragamuffin. He was part Maine Coon also. Q-Tip was a great cat. He had a wonderful personality and was very fluffy and generally docile. However, Q-Tip was lacking some of the Ragamuffin traits like loving to cuddle and to be held. Hubby and I loved Q-Tip but always wondered what a "real" Ragamuffin would be like.

After Q-Tip's very untimely death and our period of grieving, we decided to start looking at Ragamuffins again. After several weeks of searching (pretty much by Hubby) we found Skor. The rest - as they say - is history (well, history in the making!).

Now if only he gets past this phase of waking me up at all hours Skor will survive and be a great part of our family!


Voice Update: My voice is pretty good. I still need to work on the massage and exercises a bit more. I did massage a lot during class last night. It kept my mind off of my headache (which blessedly didn't become a migraine!).


Flea said...

Maine Coons are great cats too! But I'm sorry the breeder wasn't up front with you. Ragamuffins sound great. :)

Mental P Mama said...

Thank you. My children are sometimes ragamuffins. Want them, too?

Chris H said...

Those Ragamuffin cats are rather cute! I could ALMOST be tempted to get one... ALMOST.

noble pig said...

Now he has 10 lives.

imbeingheldhostage said...

I don't envy you adjusting to a new kitty, but i do envy the soft fur and the contented purrrrrs. I love the names you come up with, we're very unoriginal when it comes to naming pets.