Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday Stuff

Hi All!

Hubby and I just got home from our Saturday errands. Today that included voting, finding an open Dairy Queen, hitting Wal*Mart, dropping books at the library, and checking out a shop in town I had been wondering about.

Voting - in Texas you can vote early. No - you CAN'T vote more than once but the early voting takes the pressure off of the polling places on election day. We have about 10 days in which we can vote early and avoid the crowds on election day. Hubby and I always do the early voting so that we can get in and out quickly. Well, that is the idea, anyway.

When we voted today it certainly wasn't too quick. It took about an hour, all told. There was an amazing crowd of people! The venue had been changed to a local church's recreation hall (which is a LOT bigger than the government building the elections are normally held in!). The entrance hall to the recreation room was large and was the site of a great "line ride." The line into the voting area snaked back and forth along the hall making three large loops. The place was packed! Both Hubby and I were surprised. I guess the "Get Out The Vote" campaign really worked in our town!

As Hubby said - now we have the right to complain if the election doesn't turn out the way we wished it would. We voted!

The Dairy Queen was a treat to me from Hubby for voting. I don't really need to be bribed but it helps my mood. I LOVE the Pumpkin Pie Blizzard at Dairy Queen and it is only around for a month or two during this time of the year. Now, we don't have a Dairy Queen in easy proximity to our house so it is a very special occasions when we drive all the way to the nearest one. Today we drove to the nearest one and . . . it was closed for remodeling! Rats!

We then drove to the next nearest one (about 25 minutes from our house) and got the blizzards (Hubby didn't get pumpkin - he isn't such a fan!). Let me tell you - if you haven't tried a Pumpkin Pie Blizzard - you don't know what you are missing - they are scrumptious!

Next came a jaunt into Wal*Mart. What week would be complete without at least one trip to the Super Store? We needed kitten food (for Conehead, A.K.A. Skor), kitty litter, and toothpaste for me (I forgot to get any on the last trip!). Another MUST purchase at Wal*Mart is their Cheddar Cheese bread. Oh my! It is good stuff! I even got my mother hooked on the stuff! Hubby laughs when I get the bread - he isn't a bread nut like me - but . . . it is worth it!

Having read the three books I got from the library, I had to return them. I looked for more Jasper Fforde books and there weren't any on the shelves. Must be time to read something different, huh?

Let me explain something about the city I live in. It is small. There are many fast food restaurants but not too many fine dining restaurants (if there are any at all!). There is a Big Lots, a Wal*Mart, and some little places but not a lot of really interesting stores. We are what is called a "doughnut city." That doesn't mean that we have a lot of doughnut stores (which, coincidentally, we do) it means that most of the retail is surrounding our city with very little within city limits. About 25-20 minutes to any side of us there are areas of bigger stores with everything you could ever want. Most people who live in my city don't do the majority of their shopping here because . . . there really aren't the kinds of places most people like to shop at.

Anyway - a new store of any kind in my city gets my attention. Recently a new store opened in a shopping center close to my house. It is called Remixd Music. Now, I love all kinds of music so the name intrigued me. I asked all of my friends if they knew about the shop (even C who knows EVERYTHING) but no one seemed to know what it was all about. Every time I passed the shopping center, I would think that I should stop. But, I never did. Until today. Hubby agreed to drop by with me to check it out.

The place is a TINY (think the size of a small SUV) store which only sells latin music (I am not sure what the politically correct term is - Mexican, Hispanic, Latin,????). Not really my kind of place. Or, as Hubby put it "Not really your genre of music."

Way to keep pushing the "genre isn't a word most people use in normal conversation" button from last week!


Voice Update: Doing fine. I need to get on the massage - Skor tried to help me out by "massaging" my neck during the night but, I don't think that is quite right for the type of massage I need!

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I wonder if we can vote early here, I always just do absintee.