Monday, October 20, 2008

Armadillos, Pirates, and Turkeys - Oh My!

Hi All!

Well, it was a busy weekend in my neck of the woods!

First of all, my little city celebrated "Pirate Days" this weekend. This is sort of like a Home Days or a little festival or fair. My city decided to go with a Pirate theme because a) we are by a lake (actually a reservoir) b) pirates are thought to have actually scattered across Texas when escaping from the law in the Gulf of Mexico c) Pirates are pretty popular these days thanks to "The Pirates of the Caribbean" movies and d) it just sounded like a good idea.

*** Skor break! He just jumped onto my lap and tried to get his own two cents in on MY blog! Silly kitten!

Back to Pirate Days. This fun event took place over two days in the park located right next to my development. C and I walk through this park regularly during our morning walks. Since it was so close (and because C was one of the people in charge of the whole shebang) I decided that I needed to go check things out. Hubby wasn't feeling the same sense of community involvement as I was and decided to stay home while I hoofed it down to see the fun.

Pirate Days was a nice little celebration and there were all kinds of Pirate people wandering around. According to C they just showed up and boy, they were in character! There was food and drinks and things to buy (properly pirate themed, of course). Different booths were set up for community groups like the scouts, the library, etc. Then, there was the entertainment.

I was impressed with the entertainment brought in by this little festival. All of the musicians were Irish/Celtic themed which seemed to go along with the pirate theme of the whole deal. When I first arrived, a woman and man were on stage. They were pretty good but I never did catch their name. The next band really blew me away.

Now, I tried to get a video of the band into this blog but . . . I couldn't figure it out. If you would like to see them - follow this link NeedFire. The band is called NeedFire and is a Celtic Rock band. Sound interesting?
The members of the bank include drums, lead guitar/vocals, bass guitar, fiddle, and bagpipes. That is right - bagpipes! It certainly provides a different sound to their music.

AND - they wore kilts! Okay - the lead singer didn't nor did the drummer but the other three were rocking those kilts. (In the picture I know the guy playing the fiddle has pants on but he was in a kilt when he played Pirate Days!) Just seeing grown men rocking in kilts was pretty impressive and then . . . the fiddle dude pulled out a didgeridoo! Really!

I was so impressed that I bought one of their albums on iTunes (only my third purchase on iTunes ever!). I listened to it straight through last night while Hubby was watching some political talk show - I LOVE the sound!

So - in my opinion, Pirate Days was a success! I got to hear some good music and had a funnel cake too! My idea of perfection!

In other news, I just had to tell you that while walking this morning C and I saw a real, live armadillo meandering around the park. He was coming from our development (probably rooting around in someone's yard) and was heading to a wooded area which is probably where he/she lives. I had never seen an armadillo that close or for that long before. They are weird little animals!

C and I also saw a wild turkey during our walk today. We joked that we were on a nature hike! Once you see a wild turkey in person you have no problem understanding why the roasted turkey legs they sell at fairs are so darn large!

It is amazing to me that we see these animals!


Voice Update: My voice is still rockin' and rollin' I need to get on my podcast since I haven't done one for a LONG time. *sigh* there is always something - isn't there?


Chris H said...

HUMPH! The only 'wild' animals you are ever likely to see around here is ... ducks! oh and eels! You certainly see some interesting ones. Thank you so much for your card!

Mama Goose said...

Arrrrr! Sounds like a fine weekend me hearty!

noble pig said...

Those are some dang funky pants on that guy, ma gawd, I'm totally distracted now!

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear your voice is well.

My youngest loves the pirates! She would have adored the kilts as well! It sounds like fun!