Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sign Language Tests

Hi All!

Midterms are coming up in my sign language class. That means I will actually have to show what I have learned! I always get nervous about tests but I always do well on them. I am a good test taker and even like tests (see one of my earlier posts). Sign language test are a bit different. They have three parts.

Part One: the traditional test format with questions about Deaf culture, grammar rules, and that kind of stuff. Not too bad.

Part Two: receptive language. This one gets a bit hairier! In this section of the test, the teacher signs several sentences and the students write down what the sentences mean. In a lot of ways this is like doing dictation sentences on a spelling test but - in sign language the same sign might mean any of three or four (or sometimes more) things and there are often many different signs which mean the same thing so you have to know them all!

Part Three: the dreaded expressive language section! For this part of the test the students must prepare a short story to sign in front of the VIDEO CAMERA for the teacher to grade later. You are expected to use vocabulary from all of the lessons covered along with proper ASL grammar and sentence structure. Not only is there the stress of trying to remember all of the proper signs and order and that good stuff - you also have the stress of the camera. I HATE this part of the test even though it isn't too hard for me. Just the idea of being taped . . . ugh!

Last night in class we took a quiz pretty much in the same format as the midterm will be. Of course, it was much shorter than the midterm will be. I told the story of Skor in the piano (which - knock on pressed fiber board- hasn't been repeated this morning) and got a good grade on that section. The written section wasn't too bad - I know I missed one question because I couldn't remember the name of one "theory." I came close but I am sure it isn't worth a cigar - or full points! The receptive part was pretty easy also. I guess we will see on Thursday just how I did. Then next Tuesday is the first section of the real test (parts one and two).

Being in school again - I like it but I really didn't miss preparing for tests!


Voice Update: I was good yesterday and did my exercises. Skor thinks I am going crazy when he hears me do my inhale e's! He just looks at me like I am going to jump on him or something! It is hard to do the massage while keeping him at bay but, on the way to class it is much easier at the stop lights!


noble pig said...

Good luck...and partial credit is awesome!

Chris H said...

Tests, hate em! What happens if you fail.... have to do it all again? Good luck!