Monday, October 6, 2008

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

Hi All!

This morning my walk was . . . well, all wet! That is hard to believe but it was really, honestly raining this morning when I woke up (actually, Skor woke me up - he hasn't quite figured out the whole "wait until the alarm goes off" thing yet.).

As the weather people have been saying . . . this was the driest September in eight years for Texas so we can really use the rain. I hope it keeps raining today but - looking out the window, it doesn't appear that rain is continuing to fall. *sigh* Oh well! Maybe it will start up again a bit later in the day!

On Saturday I got to have a LONG lunch with my friend, Donna. I haven't seen her too much since school started - she is a teacher. We try to do lunch once in a while on a weekend just to stay in touch. It seems like our lunches are always long ones. Of course, we usually finish lunch and then wander around a store or two so we can keep talking without sitting in the restaurant for hours on end. This time we hit Best Buy to pick up a birthday gift (a CD) for Donna's daughter. I picked up a comedy CD to add to my collection.

My new CD is by Jeff Dunham. He is a ventriloquist and has a really interesting set of puppets. He has a grumpy old man named Walter, a weird purple thing named Peanut, a Jalapeno (on a stick), and couple others. I saw him in person once somewhere - a cruise perhaps - and think he is hilarious. The CD - titled "Spark of insanity" is a nice addition to my diverse musical collection. I am going to put it on my ipod also (which is still working perfectly, thank you very much!).

I guess that is all the boring stuff I can make you read - for now! I am off to get ready for ASL lab and grocery shopping (don't get too excited! I know that you are jealous of my day of "fun!"). Have a fantabulous day!


Voice Update: Okay - I have been "caught." Hubby cornered me last night about not doing my exercises so I guess I will have to get going. It is just so very easy to not do your exercises when your voice is doing well. It seems redundant but I guess if I want to continue doing well I need to keep up the program which got me to this point. One of these days I am going to have to get a new podcast recorded also. Such busy stuff to do.


Mental P Mama said...

Rainy days and Mondays....have a good one;)

noble pig said...

You lucky rainy day girl.

Flea said...

Hope you get rain and more rain. I don't think it rained at all in September here. We're supposed to have three days of rain here, but I'm not seeing it.

Chris H said...

There is nothing wrong with 'boring' days! I have em all the time! I just did some grocery shopping too... such FUN!!!

MUD said...

Jeff is a hoot. He is one of my new favorite comedians. The old guy is my favorite but peanut seems to be the favorite of the dis-staff. Raining for the rest of the morning here in the heartland and we were almost getting back to about normal after a wet year. The corn was high and the soybeans thick. A lttle too dry out west for the pheasants. Oh well, MUD