Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Skor Update

Hi All!

Well, Skor went to the vet's yesterday morning. Luckily, nothing serious was wrong. No stitches were involved. There was no massive infection. However, Skor didn't enjoy the trip too much. There was scrubbing of sore feet involved and . . . he came home with THIS!

Doesn't he look absolutely miserable? I can tell you that he isn't too happy with me at the moment. He keeps running into the edges of furniture and the walls because now his head is larger than usual!

Skor apparently doesn't want pictures taken of him in this state - here he came right up to me and started pawing the camera. Poor kitty. I know it is a little embarrassing!

The "cone of silence" as Hubby calls it, doesn't keep Skor from wanting to play though. It just means it takes a bit more work to get the toy in his mouth. But as you can see . . . persistence pays off!

He does have to really work at it though!

Eating is another challenge. I have learned that keeping the food level high in the bowl makes it easier. I can't tell you if he has figured out the water fountain yet or not. I think he drank last night - he came into the room and there was water all over the collar - and his face! Poor baby!

Miss Cleo apparently thinks he has turned into a monster with a misshapen head. She won't have anything to do with him!


Voice Update: Still holding in there!


Coffee Bean said...

Skor is adorable and looks so soft! I love that tail!

I've got a lot of stuff around the house to get caught up on. Actually, it is probably going to take me through the weekend to get back on track... but I wanted you to know I got a botox injection on the 15th. It was pretty traumatic and they actually numbed me inside and out this time so they could stay in there longer. It took many sticks and digging around and I felt like I'd been hit with a two by four in the neck for days. We didn't think it was going to be a good one, and it isn't, but there has been some improvement. I'm definitely not as choppy. My doctor is having me go back on Nov 19 and we are doing the injection with the camera... oy. Oh, and he did 7.5 units. The people that get away with .5 units amaze me.

Mental P Mama said...

I absolutely love that shot of Miss Cleo! And I'm glad that mischievous Skor is not seriously hurt;)

Chris H said...

OOOOO OOOO our Teddy had one of those recently and like Skor he was not too impressed either! Skor will be fine, those collars are wonderful !

April said...

Ok Tricia, don't hate me for this, but I am not a cat fan. I think cats are too independent or something, I don't know. But with that said, Skor is beautiful. Those green eyes got to me. Big dumb lampshade and all, what a pretty kitty. :)