Thursday, October 9, 2008

Why Did We Want a New Kitten?

Hi All!

I am tired. No - exhausted. Wait . . . is there anything more tired than exhausted? If so - I am that. Why, you may ask? Well, let me tell you.


Now, don't get me wrong, Skor is a wonderful little guy. He is soft and likes to cuddle and only tried to bite my toes in a loving, gentle manner if I mistakenly leave them out of my shoes (which I do ALL the time!). Skor is a kitten - the cat equivalent to a toddler - so he acts appropriately. I guess.

Most nights Skor settles down to sleep about 15 minutes after we do. He likes to explore us as we lie in bed and then likes to be petted for a bit before toddling off to his night stand. Yes, he has adopted my night stand as his night time sleeping place. I have never seen him on it any other time of the day but that is where he sleeps at night. Probably not ALL night but . . . for a while anyway. The fact that I have now had to remove pretty much everything from said stand so he doesn't knock it onto the ground in the middle of the night is a whole different story.

Skor has gotten used to our routine - sort of. He sleeps pretty well and doesn't normally jump on us during the night. However, if one of us has to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom (hey - we are getting older!) it is all over. That nocturnal trip means play time to Skor. He immediately jumps on the bed and bothers me (notice I didn't say he bothered Hubby!). Sometimes he simply nestles up next to my head and purrs himself (and me) back to sleep. Other times . . . .

Last night was one of those "other times." Skor decided that 2:00 A.M. was a great time to wake me up. He started with the nestle and purr. When that didn't' result in play time he moved on to the "stick my cold, wet nose in Momma's face several times." Still no play time. Skor moved on to the "stick my butt in Momma's nose" and the "drape my body directly over Momma's nose and mouth cutting off her supply of oxygen" maneuvers. Neither worked. It was 2:00 in the morning and I was resisting.

Unfortunately, Skor brought out the big guns next. He burrowed under the covers and licked the back of my knees (quite a sensation, let me tell you!), he wedged himself beside me with his favorite string and then rabbit kicked the string and my side, and finally, he chased poor, long suffering Miss Cleo up and down the length of the bed.

That got me. I couldn't play possum any longer. Unfortunately, I found myself having to go to the bathroom. Rats!!!

Skor was delighted! He immediately took up his position under my feet for the short walk to the bathroom. He even circled the toilet purring loudly while I took care of business (talk about a weird feeling!). Then, he hopped up on the bathroom counter as I washed my hands. After winding through my sleep clumsy feet on the return trip to the bed, Skor popped up on the bed and began licking my nose. Again - a very strange sensation to have sandpaper rasping on your nose so early in the morning.

I think I managed to doze a few times for the rest of the "night" until Hubby's alarm went off and distracted Skor. When Hubby gets up, Skor trots into the bathroom to supervise Hubby's morning routine. I got about 15 minutes of sleep during that whole time period and then it was time to get up and feed the cats.

This, while it sounds simple, is an interesting problem in logic. Both cats would rather eat the other's food them their own food which means that Hubby and/or I need to play interference to keep them at the appropriate bowls. If we weren't worried that Miss Cleo would gain too much weight from eating kitten food and that Skor would set new records with "adult cat food farts" we wouldn't mind too much but . . .

Today, surprisingly, Skor and Miss Cleo ate pretty calmly as I stood guard between the two bowls and Hubby ate his breakfast. After they were done eating I plopped down at the kitchen table and read the police blotter in our free copy of the local newspaper. This totally blew my normal routine and I forgot to make Hubby's lunch (which I normally do each and every morning). Poor man! He had to go lunchless today. I am sure he will go to Wendy's or Whataburger but still . . . I feel horrible that I forgot. I was tired.

C didn't walk today and I contemplated going back to bed until it was time to IM with Mom. However, I didn't. I walked and then came home to IM only to find that Mom won't be on IM this fine morning! I could have slept for another hour or two at least!

Darn Skor and his nocturnal urges to play! Darn my inability to ignore kitty claws rabbit kicking my side. Darn my tendency to sleep lightly which allows Skor to keep me up all night! Darn Hubby's tendency to sleep like a rock which Skor has figured out means "Don't bother trying to wake up Daddy - concentrate on Momma!" Darn, darn, darn!

Who wanted a new kitten anyway?


Voice Update: I am doing a bang up job on the inhale part of my exercises. Unfortunately, the whole massage section is getting slighted. I will concentrate on getting that worked out - after I get in a nap!


Flea said...

Squirt gun. Seriously. Keep a little one next to your pillow and squirt Skor anytime he plays with you after lights are out. It won't take him long to learn to bug Husband instead. :)

Coffee Bean said...

He He!!! YOU wanted a kitty! The licking of the back of the knees made me cringe!

Mental P Mama said...

Why did you get Skor? Blog fodder.

Chris H said...

You are so much NICER than me! That kitten would have been locked in the garage till it could behave!

noble pig said...

I think it's worse than a baby! Sheesh! Get some rest tonight.

Anonymous said...

The Brute Squad is restless some nights and I hate that I've become such a light sleeper.
Many times I've gone to work less than rested, so I feel your pain.

Hope he settles down more in the next few months!