Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bloodwork, Bagels, and a Book

Hi All!

I just got back from my Endocrinologist's appointment and everything is looking good (except for the fact that I need to lose weight - big surprise - but I am ignoring that for a minute). My blood pressure, which used to be sky high when I was working with Psycho Boss and dealing with SD in the classroom (think teaching with NO voice!), is LOW. That is right - LOW. I can't remember the numbers now but the doctor was starting to look at it maybe being a bit too low. I didn't know that could happen. What would I have to do if it did become too low? Gorge myself on salty snacks? Interesting thought, isn't it?

Anyway - they drew blood as always. I must say that I have MUCH better luck with this than poor Hubby. I have easy veins to hit and almost never bruise AT ALL. Hubby's veins roll and he ALWAYS bruises - usually horribly. Did I tell you about his most recent experience having blood drawn? A real, Trisha-class bruise which covered pretty much all of his inside elbow area and lasted for two weeks! Poor guy!

I am just glad that my appointment is over. Now all I have to do is wait to get the blood work results in the mail. Hopefully nothing will be wrong!

For my appointment, which was at 8:30, I had to fast. That isn't too bad since I get to drink water. In fact, I don't even feel hungry on the drive to the doctor's or while I am there in the office. On the way home . . . that is another matter. I start thinking about food. What will I eat? I drive by McDonald's and Chic-fil-A . . . .

Sorry about the break in my train of thought but I just heard very, very weird sounds coming from the other room. I went out to investigate and found Miss Cleo looking towards my piano. Skor was nowhere in sight. Then - the sounds began again. They sounded oddly like a harp. Then I figured it out - Skor was INSIDE my piano! BAD kitty!

You should know that I have a baby grand piano and that the top is always down. The only way into the area where the strings are is a small - maybe 7 inch gap between the music stand and the top of the piano. Guess who squeezed himself into that gap and then took his own sweet time getting out? I was ready to throw the top up to grab him when he emerged to stand on the piano like nothing was wrong. Boy, was he in for a surprise!

Okay - back to my previous thoughts . . .where was I? Oh yes - driving home from the doctor's while trying to avoid the temptation of quick food at a fast food restaurant. It is a tough thing to resist. I could just drive in and get some good, hot food quickly and then I wouldn't be hungry any more. I resist though because, after all, I was just at the doctor's and I know fast food probably (!) isn't the best thing for me to eat. That is why I came home and had two Pepperidge Farm mini Bagels. Plain. Pre-sliced. Without waiting to toast them or spread cream cheese (low fat of course) on them.

Did I mention I was hungry?

I just hear another weird noise from the other room. Skor was on top of the piano again. He got yelled at - did I tell you how excited I am that I can now yell? I got the squirt bottle and brought it into the office with me just in case he needs stronger negative reinforcement.

Let's see . . . I did the Blood work and the Bagels - all that is left now is the book.

Here it is.

I just finished reading this book, the last of the books from my Aunt Donna. It is The Bone Garden by Tess Gerritsen.
The title freaked me out a little before I started reading. I am not a person who likes reading really gory things and the title sounded a bit . . . well, gory. I did start reading though and by the end of the first chapter, was hooked.
This book takes place in two completely different ages - the modern time and the 1880's. Chapters alternate between the two times to tell the story of a young woman, Rose Connolley, an Irish immigrant to Boston who watches her older sister die after giving birth to a little girl.
*****Another Skor interruption. He is really being annoying today! This time he was on my antique washstand playing with the book marks I have hanging on it. I decided that he might need a little play time once I found the kitchen throw rugs about 10 feet from where they normally rest. I got out the "fishing pole" toy and gave Skor a good workout. Right now he is resting and guarding the leather "bird" at the end of the toy.
The book. A rich cast of characters is introduced in this book including a young Oliver Wendall Holmes and several other young medical students. A dark side of the story is revealed when Norris, one of the medical students, reveals that he helps rob graves to get medical cadavers to earn part of his tuition. The book shows that getting cadavers to study is a big problem for all of the medical schools in America and grave robbing is quite common. Also, executed criminals are also given to the medical schools after they are dead. Nice, huh? That is the nasty part of the story.
In modern times, a woman named Julia purchases an old, run-down home and when digging in the garden, discovers the skeleton of a woman. After getting in touch with the home's previous owner's family, the mystery of just who this woman was begins to unravel.
I found this book to be quite entertaining and only a little gory at times - like when they described dissections in the medical school. Overall, I enjoyed the book and just might read some more of Tess Gerritsen's work.
If you like mysteries with a little gore thrown in (nothing gratuitous), I would say to keep your eyes open for Tess Gerritsen's The Bone Garden. I think it would be worth your time.
**** Another Skor note. I never knew that kittens could make such horrible smells when they fart! Yikes!
Voice Update: I have done exercises! I have done massage! YEAH! I did exercises and massage while waiting for the doctor. I also did them both while driving home from my appointment. I will certainly continue now that I am home!


Mental P Mama said...

LOL. This post reminded me of how my brain works. An egg mcmuffin is actually not too bad...300 calories. And those new Dunkin Donut eggwhite on flatbread sandwiches are fantastic. I love them. And Skor, well, he is just doing his job. Hope your blood result comes out great;)

Flea said...

:) Sounds like an interesting day there. :)

womaninawindow said...

Funny little kitten. Up to mischief. Funny to think of him in your piano.

Yay, for the tests so far!

Anonymous said...

Good for you for the low blood pressure!
Your kitten sounds like he is making himself at home. My youngest dog did that. It took a long time to get her toned down!

noble pig said...

I have low pressure too, the doctor's hate me during surgery.