Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hi All!

I know that I have told you all about Skor and his recent exploits (the collar is still on for a couple more days and he is being as ornery as usual!) but I realized that you have never met the other two members of our little family.

Both of these family members were given to me by Hubby before we were married. Hubby traveled a lot when we lived in Ohio and so he gave me both of these fellas at different times to keep me company while he was out of town. Anyway - please meet "the boys!"

This is Bearsy - he is the oldest of "the boys" and is the only one of the pair who joined us at our wedding - decked out in a nice bow tie!

Me: Hi Bearsy! Welcome to the blog.
B: Thanks, Mommy!
Me: How are you today?
B: Not too good! Skor kept poking me with his cone all night so I didn't get too much sleep last night! How much longer will he have that thing on?
Me: Only another two days or so, I hope. I take him to the vet on Friday.
B: Good - he is getting annoying with that thing!

Let me also introduce Funny.

F: Hi everyone!
Me: Welcome to the blog, Funny!
F: Mommy, can I write a blog sometime?
Me: Ummmmm . . . .
F: I have some great ideas!
Me: Really? Like what?
F: I could talk about the carrot harvest and show some wonderful carrot recipes. I could also tell where to find the best vegetable gardens to nibble and which weeds are best at what time of the year. Maybe I could even explain how to dig a burrow and how to avoid getting caught by hawks and foxes. I could also . . .
Me: Um, Funny, I don't know if that is really what the people who read this blog want to know about.
F: Really? How do you know?
Me: Well, I really don't know for sure but I don't think it is what they want to read.
F: You could ask them!
B: Hey! Ask about if I could blog too! I know all kinds of stuff about what happens in the woods!
Me: Boys, that isn't really why I brought you on the blog today. I want to know your opinion of how Skor is settling in.
B: Oh . . .
F: Skor? Why does he get all the attention?
B: Yeah! He is such a suck up - always whining and wanting to be petted.
F: And he keeps trying to drag me off the bed! I am afraid of him! Can you get rid of him?
B: Yeah! He kept messing with my Ohio State hat and you had to hide it from him. Now my head is cold all night long!
Me: Isn't there anything good about having Skor around?
Me: Boys?
B: Um - we are sleepy. We are going to take a nap. Bye!

Hmmmm - and I thought Skor was making friends! I don't know that I will ask Miss Cleo what she thinks. It might be too dangerous!


Voice Update: Speech today! Uh-oh!


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Bear, just wondering if it's true, does a bear really sh'' in the woods? And what's up with all those doing it like rabbit, jokes? Rabbit, I just don't get it!