Monday, November 3, 2008

Contortionist Kitty

Hi All!

Well, it is Monday, the beginning of another week. Aren't you all excited to see what new possibilities await you during the next seven days? I am trying hard to be positive this week - to disprove my reputation of being such a negative person that I get banned from support groups! Can you tell that being banned still rankles a bit?

Anyway - I am going to give you a Skor Update. As you may remember, I took him to the vet on Friday for his check up. Things didn't go too well. The Doc wasn't too happy with the back foot and put an even bigger cone on Skor! Then he gave me some spray antibiotic to put on his foot.

Doesn't he look sooooooo happy? Believe me - I am not a happy camper either. I have to keep giving him the liquid meds for another 5 days. What fun!

Some good news is that Miss Cleo isn't afraid of this cone. I was worried that she would be afraid all over again. It only took her about 5 days to get used to the first cone!

Okay - so, we have the new cone and everything is fine, right? WRONG! I wasn't home more than 15 minutes when Skor showed me just what he thought of the cone by starting to lick his bad foot. YES! HE CAN REACH THE DARN FOOT EVEN IN THE BIGGER CONE!

I called the vet to let him know about this "development" and he told me to come get some bitter apple spray to put on the foot. "All cats hate this stuff. I am positive Skor will not be licking his foot with this on it." Even the vet techs in the front told me that they were certain it would work.

Do any of you want to take bets on how well it worked? No? Are you sure?

IT DIDN"T WORK! Skor licked the darn stuff off his foot. Sure, his eyes and nose were irritated and runny from the bitterness but he was determined! What a cat!

Well, I showed him who was boss. I put a sock on his foot (a baby sock) and taped it on. He can't lick the foot now! He has had the sock on his foot since Sunday morning and has only pulled it off once so it seems to be doing the job. Hubby and I just have to keep an eye on the sock and pull it up every once in a while after he has gotten it pulled almost off.

Hopefully, I can stop forcing meds down his throat after going to the vet AGAIN on Wednesday! Keep your fingers crossed for me!


Voice Update: Still doing well and getting back on track with the massage.


Flea said...

You're brilliant, going with the sock!

Mental P Mama said...

That darn cat! My dog used to love that bitter apple stuff. Go figure.

Chris H said...

Oh yes, that is one clever wee kitty!

noble pig said...

Oh geez, that sounds horrible. What a stinker cat too! How is he reaching it?